This site is owned by Mandy and Owain Williams. Two people who met through running and now want to share their passion with you.

They live, work and train in Edinburgh. 

This blog is a place for them to write about their running, training, races, highs and lows as well as general running related ramblings. A place to review products that they have used either while running or are in some way running related.

Running in Scotland is beautiful and most of the blogs will be about just that. Running in the Pentlands, around Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Occasionally there will be a blog about running elsewhere such as Inverness, Tiree or Amsterdam.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the blog posts and you never know, you might be the next person to be

Latest Blogs

North Shields 20


Today I was down in South Shields with Mandy and while she was doing her course I went out...

By Owain Williams

eat, sleep, run, repeat


I eat, I sleep, I run and then I repeat or at least that's how it feels sometimes.

By Owain Williams

Getting the balance


Some days you need to pick whether you run or don't but other days you try and get a balan...

By Owain Williams

You are what you eat


As a runner, I feel I can pretty much eat whatever I want in the knowledge that I'll burn ...

By Owain Williams

Team work


Track Tuesday - if you type it in to your favourite search engine I will guarantee that it...

By Owain Williams

Body Coach - cycle one results


After four weeks of healthy eating and hiit training sessions, cycle one of my 90 day Body...

By Mandy Williams