An overdue update

This update is overdue but I've had a lot going on in my life recently. Details that I will spare for another blog perhaps but all I can say just now is I've had other things on my mind. 

I had 2 weeks away from running due to a pulled hamstring. After visiting a local physio I was given the green light to start running again. Nothing fast, nothing too hilly, just getting out and start to build the miles up again. 

Hawkins Running have been making sure I come back slowly and not over doing it. Last week I ran every second day at a nice easy pace. Somewhere between 7:40 and 7:30min/mi pace. On Saturday I did a slightly faster 6 miles and then on Sunday I had a lovely 8 mile run in the sun. 

I've been running in all weather last week! Some torrential rain then some lovely sunny beach runs! 

beach run

I love just spending time grabbing some action shots with my GoPro. Sometimes the shots aren't as good as I would hope but then some work pretty well. 
If you don't already, you can see my photos over on my instagram account -


After the Saturday and Sunday runs the leg has been feeling fine, no niggles or pains so hopefully the mix of 2 weeks off and coming back in a controlled manner will mean the leg has healed and I can get back to training for Manchester marathon - it's only 12 weeks away! 

This week I'm running 5 days and I'll have 2 days off. One of those days off was yesterday and then next is Friday. 

I headed along to Alien Bloc for some bouldering last night and it was great. I tried some new problems to climb and my hands are wrecked today. Really need to get back on a more regular basis as my hands have become a bit soft again! The joys of a desk job! 😂

From a running point of view, this week is all easy paced running. Stuff between 7:08 and 7:20 min/mi pace. I'll be trying to keep the routes flat as much as I can but living in Edinburgh tends to mean there is some incline thrown in somewhere. 


If I do find myself going uphill, I just need to ease the pace and enjoy running it at easy effort. 

I heard today that Glasgow half marathon in October has been cancelled. I really hope this isn't the start of a wave of Autumn races being cancelled. I've already had to find a second hotel to stay in while in Manchester as the original hotel was taken over as a Covid quarantine hotel! I really want to get down to Manchester and race! 

In the meantime I'll hopefully be running some more of the Blast races at Cramond and Edinburgh AC are also doing members only time trials which I hope to get back to as well. I need more race practice! 

I really don't want to rock up to the Manchester start line with no races under my belt!

I'll give another update next week on how training is going and hopefully, I'm still niggle free! 

Published on: 13 July 2021