Monday miles

It's a bank holiday Monday and I've already done my miles for the day. Got up and out before 7am and got 3 easy recovery miles in the bank. 

Legs felt a bit tired for the first mile but they eased off and I headed out the Granton breakwater. Really thick mist this morning though so I didn't get to enjoy the views out there. Still a lovely place to be on your own. Listening to the waves and just enjoying the fresh sea air.


The past 3 weeks have been really good from a training point of view. Something has changed in my attitude towards my training, maybe it's because I know I have Manchester marathon on the horizon and I've actually got something to train for. Maybe it's the new morning routine of getting my training in before the day starts. 

I've had 3 weeks of not missing any training days. That for me is something new. I'd got in to a bit of a habit of moving days around or just skipping a session if I was tired or had had a busy day at work etc. Basically excuses.

The last 3 weeks my weekly mileage has gone from 39 miles, 44 miles then last week was 48 miles. Nice gradual increase in the distances to prevent injury. A week usually looks like: 

  • Monday easy run, 3 miles
  • Tuesday Tempo / Brisk run, 9 miles
  • Wednesday recovery run, 6 miles
  • Thursday Tempo / Speedwork, 10 miles
  • Friday rest day
  • Saturday, either intervals / hills or easy miled, 7 miles
  • Sunday long run, 12+ miles

Getting up and out before the day starts seems to be keeping me on the straight and narrow. Long may it continue. I don't want to get to Manchester and think, could I have trained better. I want to get to that start line in the best shape I can be. 

I've been getting coaching from Hawkins Running for quiet a while now but due to one thing and another, I've not actually done many races while being coached by them! I really hope Manchester is the start of racing on a more regular basis. 


Published on: 31 May 2021