No marathon but back out racing

The last time I blogged I said that all roads were leading me to Manchester marathon. That was the plan but since then a lot has happened, the big event that happened was my Mum passed away after a long fight against Cancer. 

As you can imagine, dealing with this has meant my training has taken a drop and also my head just wasn't in the right place to be going out and knocking out big miles. My priorities took a change and so I decided not to run Manchester in a couple of weeks time. 

Instead, I laced up my trainers and did a race last weekend. The Blast Running half marathon. A tough route around some farm tracks and private roads. 

I went with zero expectations. I know I'm not race fit but I just fancied getting back out there and get used to racing again, it's been ages since I raced! 

A very well organised race and apart from a small hiccup that lead to some of us only running 12.2 miles instead of 13.1 I would highly recommend it if anyone fancies an undulating but fun race. 

Starting at Cramond Kirk on the outskirts of Edinburgh, we headed off along the roads towards Cramond Brig before running in to Dalmeny Estate, where most of the route then stays. 

It's undulating, as I said, but the main 'highlight' of the route is at mile 6 where you are treated to a climb up to the top section of the course. I reckon it's only .25mi in length but it gets the heart rate up and puts plenty lactic in to your legs! 🤣


Just look at the details on my strava profile. 

Overall I was happy with my performance and I think I finished 5th overall. It's hard to be sure though as I'm not sure who in the results ran the full course and who ran the shorter course. We were set off in waves so some runners were in a wave ahead of me and ran faster. 


Edinburgh parkrun

With parkrun now back, Mandy and I headed to Edinburgh parkrun yesterday. Our first parkrun since before the first lockdown and it was great to be back. 

Great conditions at Cramond and it was lovely to catch up with people who we've not seen in a long time. 

I pulled on my race kit and went out to see what I might be capable of. Again, I know I'm not in PB shape and I was right. I finished in 23rd place in 19.18. It's a starting point and hopefully I will only be going quicker from here on. 

I'm planning on doing some cross country over the winter and then maybe a half marathon in the Spring, who knows, I might even do a Marathon - I do have an entry to Edinburgh Marathon, I just need to decide if I want to run that course again. It's not my favourite that's for sure. 


So, there you have it, I'm back running, back racing and loving it. 

Published on: 19 September 2021