A long overdue review of 2018 and my goals for 2019

2018 was a bit of a strange year for me. I had a great start to the year completing the full Foxtrail Winter Series and winning my first ever running award but after that it kind of fizzled out.

Looking back, I think it was such a huge effort, particularly the trail half marathom that I kind of fell out of love with running. I was still going out but think it was more as a routine rather than for the enjoyment of running. In the summer I started following a running training plan for the Scottish Half and it all just rather fell apart. The individual sessions themselves were fine but running became a chore rather than being something I wanted to do. 

Since then, I've really just plodded away with no structure or focus. The one good thing that has come from it as that I have no idea or interest in my mileage for the year. Social media has been full of posts over the last few weeks about annual running mileage and running goals and aims for the new year and it has been quite nice to not be part of that.

Jumping into 2019

So for 2019, there are no specific race, mileages, paces to be achieved. My focus is on being healthy and happy. As many know, I am not a big racing fan. I put myself under too much pressure in the lead up to the race and hate all the waiting around on race day itself. Yes, I do love the feeling of accomplishment crossing the line but to be honest I am not sure whether that in itself is worth it. The last few years I have focused on racing more - setting myself aims to run a race each month - but it hasn't really helped my mindset. 

This doesn't mean I won't race again - I've still got the Foxtrail 5k Winter series to complete - but big target races are not on the cards. It may mean that I miss out on the great wee races that sell out quickly really far in advance but there are always other years. As I said, my focus is being healthy and happy - and you'll still see me at races in my supporter role :)








Mandy Williams

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