Body coach cycle 2 results

I completed cycle 2 of my 90 day body coach programme last week but am only now just getting round to blog about it. 

As I said in my last blog, I wasn't sure what to expect as I had a few days off from the eating plan at Christmas and New Year, although I had managed to stick to my four exercise sessions per week.  Cycle two has been much harder for me than cycle one both in terms of exercising and preparing meals and over the last month I have really struggled to find time to do anything else.


Cycle 2 training regime

In terms of exercise, cycle 1 was 20 minutes of HIIT 4-5 times per week, which I found very easy to fit in.  Cycle 2 kept that in but also introduced weights.  It divided the exercises into four sessions:  10 mins HIIT, weight training, 10 mins HIIT and then weight training.  That sounds relatively straightforward until you realise that the weights are 10 sets of 10 reps with a minute rest in between.  As I was doing this in the gym, the time soon clocked up and the workouts soon went from 20 minutes to around an hour.  Rather than doing a warm up at the gym, I started running down and back up.  Although the gym is a 1.5 mile round trip, that extra time soon adds up - as well as time to get in and out of the gym, putting my stuff in the locker etc. 

The meal structure also changed and rather than eating carbs only in a post-workout meal, you ate carbs all day for training days. I suppose this was motivational in some ways as it meant you needed to go to the gym if you had carb fuelled during the day but it also took the flexibility away.  Some weekends I was really tired and almost had to drag myself to the gym to get my session done.  More often than not it was the thought of going that was worse than the session itself.  The change in structure meant it was harder to batch cook meals as you aren't allowed to train more than two days in a row, which meant that the next day you were always eating different food to the day before.  

Cycle two also introduced pick and mix to meals which gave more flexibility but there were times that I struggled to try and combine all the foods into a meal as each meal had to include: oil; meat; sauce; 2 x veg; green veg and either carbs or additional fat.  You are eating a lot but it was sometimes difficult to find recipes to include everything. 

I have to say that overall I didn't enjoy cycle two.  I did contact my support hero at the Body Coach at the end of my second week to say I was finding it really tough and she was able to give me some tips in terms of structuring my food and exercise.  Thankfully I was on leave for around 10 days during the festive break so that made the plan a bit easier to follow - but then again it also meant more temptation was around!


Cycle 2 Results

So to the all important results.  For cycle two I managed to put 0.5kg on and lost another inch.  Not very inspiring!  I can't say I am too surprised by the results as I only stuck to the plan around 75%.  The timing of the end of cycle hasn't been great.  Realistically, I would normally put on a few (or more!) pounds on over Christmas so to only have put on a pound isn't too bad.  Interestingly, I did receive an email from the Body Coach saying that it is about building strength and muscle and that the results are not always immediately apparent.


Overall Results

Looking at my results overall, I am still pleased with my progress and glad I have signed up for the plan.  I have lost 3kg overall and 10 inches in 2 months, which I think is great progress.  As the Body Coach has pointed out, it is a 90 plan and the different cycles do different things.  One thing is for sure, I am definitely back on it for cycle three!


Mandy Williams

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