Medals - how do you keep yours?

Owain and I both took up running back in 2008 and so between us we have managed to accumulate rather a lot of medals.

When Owain ran the London Marathon in 2013, we visited the expo and a number of the stalls sold medal displays.  Rather than attempt to hang all our medals, we decided to invest in one display for the two of us that would house the medals from our PBs.  Unfortunately, as we soon discovered, we don’t have some of the medals from our PBs as not all races give them out these days.  Our 5k times are for parkrun, as in fact is my 10k time, so we don't have medals for those races but where we don’t have a PB medal we have added the medal from the next fastest time over that distance.

We have this display hanging in our hallway and it generates much discussion when people come to visit:


Medals hanging on the wall


This of course still leaves us with rather a lot of medals that have been gathering dust in the cupboard.  We even had a few medals gathering dust in the car that obviously hadn’t even made their way into the house after the race!  A while back, a friend posted a picture on Facebook of her medals in a vase, which I thought was a fantastic way to display them.

After much procrastination, we finally got round to visiting that well known blue and yellow branded home furnishings store and invested in what we thought were two reasonably sized vases that would hold our medals.  In hindsight, it might have been a good idea to have looked at our medal collections in the first place.  When we got the medals out, there was no way Owain’s medals would fit into the vases we had bought.  On Sunday, we traipsed to said store again and managed to find a vase that would hold Owain’s current collection – including of course a little room for the collection to grow!

All our medals now have pride of place on our fireplace.  I am sure from the picture below you can tell which vase is mine!


Two jars full of medals


I haven’t really sat down and reflected on my running aims for 2016 but looking at this I think I may need to get some more races under my belt to challenge Owain in the medal haul! 

We had considered running the Pencaitland 10k trail race in April this year but think the medal is an edible biscuit – no point in aiming for a time for that race otherwise we won’t get to eat our medals!


Mandy Williams

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