Scottish Half Marathon training update - 8 weeks to go!!

I can't believe it has been over a month since I last blogged about my training - how time flies when you are having fun!

As I said in my last video blog, I signed up for a 4 week bespoke running plan with fitnaturally. Owain and I have been following the fitnaturally eatnaturally plans for about 18 months now and have seen huge improvements in our nutrition and fuelling for running (I think this is the longest I have managed to train consistently since my radioactive treatment 3 years ago) and so it seemed a no brainer to go to Sally to get a running plan to combine my fuelling and my training.

The training plan incorporates a mix of sessions including fartleks, speed sessions on the track as well as consistent steady runs for at least an hour. It has been tough but I have stuck to all the sessions so far. I did have a wobble at the track last week when I was doing a 1600m rep and gave up at 800m when the negative thoughts entered my head but Owain was there to give me a telling off and so I let my heart rate recover and got back out there and did it. 


My biggest challenge has always been mental toughness and so it is great having someone set my sessions and to have the accountability of knowing someone will be there looking at how I have done. At first it was a bit daunting and I think I tried too hard but now it has just become normal and I don't really think about it. Having struggled with illness, I have faced a constant battle with striking the right balance between good health and training hard/getting the miles in. Having Sally there to mentor me has been great to learn about my body and know that it is supposed to feel that hard and it's the same for everyone, not just me with my illness!

We've still got a few days until the end of the month but I think I have already exceeded my highest monthly running miles with 86 miles so far for the month. The best thing is that it has been consistent weekly mileage including Run the Blades 10k, some parkrun tourism with three different locations as well as steady long runs. Until now, my runs during the week have only been 30-40 mins but over the last few weeks these have regularly been 60 minutes and they are starting to become less challenging :) 

I did have a wobble last week thinking maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew signing up for the Half but my head is back in the game. I have now signed up for a second block of 4 week training with Sally and the focus is definitely on keeping the structure of the different sessions and the higher mileage whilst gradually increasing my long run.

Watch this space to see how block 2 goes!


Mandy Williams

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