The Body Coach - weeks 2 & 3

I had hoped to try and get round to blogging about my progress on the Body Coach plan on a weekly basis to share how I've found it but life has rather got in the way. Here is a short summary of how the last few weeks have been:

Week 2

I was feeling a bit apprehensive about week 2 as we had a short break to Barcelona planned. Whilst I wanted to stay on track with the plan, I also wanted to make sure I enjoyed our holiday. Our holiday was Monday to Friday, which meant I had a few days before to do some damage limitation for Week 2. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite go according to plan. The Sunday morning before my holiday I decided to head up to Craiglockhart with Owain to get a long run in, running the 5.5 miles back home. However, during the run it soon became apparent that I hadn’t left enough time to let me breakfast digest and I had a terrible run and ended up having to walk the last 1.5 miles in the rain as I felt too sick to run. My stomach wasn’t right for the rest of the day and I must confess to having a scotch pie and beans for dinner that night as I just wanted something plain.

I decided to start afresh and while on holiday I am pleased to say I managed to stick to the principles of the plan – with the exception of alcohol – even managing to get some runs in and a couple of hiit sessions in in our apartment. I am a savoury person and love nothing more than wine and crisps. I can easily demolish a large bag on my own while knocking back some wine. To try and stay on plan, I saved my afternoon snack to when I was getting ready and nibbles on some nuts with a wee glass of wine. It meant I still got my treat but in moderation and still stayed on track with my eating.

Lack of planning did let me down a bit on holiday. We did a lot of walking, hours upon hours each day, and I hadn’t planned morning snacks or lunches so at times it was a case of just having what was available.  That being said, I did stick with the principles of the plan in terms of menu selections - while of course enjoying tasters of Owain's desserts!

Week 3

We flew home on the Friday and the intention was to get back on track on Friday morning but the whole day was a bit of a write off. We grabbed something quick at the airport and then following a delayed flight we stopped off for a burger for lunch and finished with pizza for dinner! Oops! I did pay for it though, suffering from bloating and a sore stomach for most of Saturday morning.

I did have a quick nosey on the scales and was pleased to see that the holiday and Friday’s over-indulgence only added 1kg to my pre-holiday weight so that spurred me on a bit.

I emailed my support hero Nicola to ask whether I should repeat week 2 and we agreed that as the holiday wasn’t a disaster I would just keep going with the plan. As she pointed out, the plan is to become a long-term lifestyle change and so it is important to keep moving forwards, rather than restart.

Having had my blip on the Friday, I was really focused for week 3, staying on track the full week with no alcohol. Again, I found the portions quite big, which made me think that I probably didn’t eat enough on holiday, especially with all the walking we did.

This week, I have stuck to making double portions, one for dinner and the same for lunch the next day, and this has certainly helped cut down preparation time. I have tried a few different recipes this week, including satay chicken which includes one of my favourite ingredients – peanut butter. I can’t believe I got to week 3 without making this!

Here is a sample of the meals I have had this week.

The Body Coach meals

I am now looking forward to week 4, the final week of my first cycle and I am expecting it to be much the same as week 3. Having stayed of the sad step for the majority of this cycle, I am really excited to see my cycle results which I will share here.

Mandy Williams

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