Too much, too soon?

It's been a while since I blogged so I thought I would let you all know what I have been up to.

 My last blog was my race report for the Forth Road Bridge 10k and I haven't blogged simply because I haven't been doing much in the way of exercise.  

In the run up to the race, I hadn't been feeling great and just put it down to my medication and the increase in miles.  However, the week following the race I was feeling really run down.  I ran home from work the Thursday after and then had to take the next day off.  There was a bug going round the office and I thought I had picked that up but it just didn't clear and a trip to the docs revealed I had tonsillitis.  I was put on a 10 day course of antibiotics and after toying with whether to run or not, I had a couple of weeks of enforced rest.  I did manage a couple of runs just 2 miles but they were the slowest I have ran in a long time.  

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I managed to get a decent week's training in before we headed off to Madeira, managing to run 14 miles over the week.  I had found that I was struggling with runs over 4 miles so thought I would keep them short but more frequent.

I had a great time in Madeira and managed to get out for a run four days before breakfast.  I had decided to do just 30 mins for each run, enough to keep my ticking over.  I was wary of the need to get a long run in as I am running the Great Scottish Run 10k in a couple of weeks and so I headed out on the Sunday after we got home to get a longer run in and managed 4.75 miles at a slow but comfortable pace.

That was a week ago last Sunday and funnily enough I have been ill since then!  I was at the doctors on the Monday for blood tests to check my thyroid functioning so was slotted in to see the doctor and low and behold, I was diagnosed with another infection, a viral infection this time.  I was that floored that it was no work or exercise for most of the week.  

Needless to say, all of this has been a bit demotivating for me as I just want to get back into a routine.  I have since spoken to my consultant who has said that my bloods are showing that I am reacting well to my thyroxine treatment and my body is getting back to normal.  I am not quite sure I agree.  Ever since my radioactive treatment in May, I have had infection after infection.  After looking into it a bit further, it seems that my immune system has been drastically affected by not having a thyroid and so will take a while to build back up the resistance and immunity.  

So where does that leave me now?  As I said, I have signed up for GSR 10k.  We have even booked a hotel for the saturday and sunday nights as there will be a bit of hanging around for both of us.  This is the third time Owain and I have signed up for these races, him the half and me the 10k, but we have never both been able to run.  Two years ago I fell off a step and damaged my ankle and ended up on crutches for weeks followed by physio.  Last year, Owain had the Amsterdam marathon just a few weeks later and decided not to risk running.  So we were really hoping this year would be the one we could both race.

I was off work on Monday for the bank holiday and decided that was make or break time - I would run 5 miles and see how I felt.  I duly ran the 5 miles, the last mile was tough but I got round and am not feeling too many side effects a few days on.  However, it was slow, very slow and if I run the 10k it is likely that I will set a new personal worst.  I am hoping to get another 5 miles in this weekend and will see how I feel after that. Do I just run for fun, taking achievement from being able to run two 10ks following my radioactive treatment or do I decide to sit this one out?  Last year, I was really disappointed with my time however hindsight is a wonderful thing and I would be over the moon to get anywhere near that time this year.

Since being diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2012, every year we have said, this will be the year, I will start to see an improvement and get back to where I was but there has always been something that has got in the way.  Fingers crossed for 2016!!

As for the Great Scottish Run 10k, as they say, stay tuned to find out what I decide!

Mandy Williams

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