While I was out on 'enjoying' my Harrison Park Sunday run something amazing was happening, no, I didn't beat heartbreak hill, I did get to the top of it but it wasn't fast, but a new world record was set over the marathon distance. Wilson Kipsang covered 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 3mins and 23 seconds. Not only is that a pretty good number, 2323, (I'm sure he wasn't aiming for cool numbers) but it was 15 seconds faster than the previous world record.

Spikes Magazine did a great article which should his achievement in numbers, the one that really stood out for me was that the average pace he ran was 4:42 minutes per mile! I can't cover a mile in that time let alone another 25.2 of them, mind blowing. Without copying the entire article, another amazing fact is the first 4 10km sections of the race, not one of them was slower than 30 minutes! Sub 30min 10km, 4 of them, back to back. Insane!!

This performance did give me some extra motivation though, I sat down with my running books and put a plan in place for next year's Edinburgh marathon. 33 weeks away might seem a long time to start a training plan for Edinburgh, but I am also putting in some base training to set me up for the higher mileage and hopefully get my fitness up a bit more.

It will consist of 2 main sessions, 1 session at Harrison Park which will include doing a mile or two warm up before the session starts at 9am and in the later stages, taking on the 18 mile route and doing a mile or two cool down after the run. The second session will work on my general speed, running more at target marathon pace but also putting in some hill work in there from time to time.

The rest of the week will be 'easy' pace runs. I've put my peak mileage at 80 miles but I am tempted to take it up to 90 miles as I will only actually hit this 2 or 3 times during the 33 week plan.

I've been looking at my Daniels' running formula book that I have on my bookshelf and basically it's about running 7 days a week, but keeping the total mileage as the goal with the 2 quality sessions. So rather than taking a day off because I am tired, I go out and do less miles and make them up during the rest of the week.

This is sort of what I have been doing for the past couple of months but I have only had one quality session in, which has been Harrison Park.

Through October I've got a race every weekend, starting this weekend with the Great Scottish Run. A Glasgow half marathon which I am really looking forward to. I've never ran this race so looking forward to seeing what the course is like. I would like to get another season's best if possible. The following weekend is the East District XC Relays which will be the first outing for my new Nike spikes, also looking forward to seeing how they compare with my Inov8 Talons which I have worn for the past 3 or so years at cross country. The remaining weekends are also Cross Country races, the weekends where the race is on a Saturday I will follow it with a HP run.

I'm hoping for good weather this weekend as all the other half marathons I have ran this year have been in horrendous weather, either windy, wet or a mix of both!

The plan for this weekend is go out at target pace, 6:25 and keep to this. I have a really bad habit of going off too fast because it feels easy, only to regret it in the final miles. I'm going to try and stick as close to this pace as I can over the first half of the race and then if I feel good, start thinking about picking up the pace after that.
From looking at the route I think the second half is pretty flat along the river side so should be good for getting in to a pace or picking things up if I can.

I'll post a race report after the weekend!


Owain Williams

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