2 marathons and then I was stupid!

The past couple of weeks I've been hitting 70+ miles, getting in solid training. I've ran two 26 mile long runs the past 2 weekends and all was going great, until Sunday. 

I ran a comfortable 26 miles on Saturday and then on Sunday, after a morning of standing around marshalling for the Great Edinburgh Run, I headed out for an easy 6 mile run. That was the plan. 

I left the flat and headed to meet Leszek from Fitness Soul to record a podcast. More about that in a moment. I stupidly started looking at my average pace and noticed it was ticking away close to 7 minutes per mile. I instantly new it was too fast, especially the day after a 26 mile run but stupid me kept on running fast. 

I then met Leszek and we headed to Pilrig park to record this podcast:

I then headed back home, a nice easy 1 mile jog home......or so it should have been, instead, still watching my watch, I ran home and kept the average pace close to 7 minutes a mile, after sitting in the park for 30 mins. Idiot! 

I woke up on Monday morning and felt shattered so I skipped the morning run. I went to work and struggled all day to focus. I came home, had my dinner then went to bed and had a fantastic nights sleep. 

Tuesday morning I got up and decided to test my legs, see how they felt prior to track training in the evening. I decided 2 miles would be enough. I got ready, headed out the door and then it happened. I got a niggle, I got a pain, I had to jog, stop, jog, walk home. 

My shin was really painful. It felt like shin splints. 

I took the rest of the day off and also took Wednesday off. Zero running. 

The good news is I've now had 2 easy 4 miles runs. One on Thursday and one this morning and all seems to be OK. Phew! It was stupid of me to be pushing so hard on Sunday after a long run and I've learned my lesson. It could have been a lot worse so I'm lucky. This close to Stirling, I can't afford to get seriously injured!

I'll hopefully get a good solid week of training next week and then the taper begins. I can't believe it's just over 3 weeks until Stirling marathon! I'll write a blog next week about my marathon plans.

Tomorrow Mandy and I will be heading to Vogrie parkrun as it's less stressful on the legs, nice trail instead of pavement and then on Sunday I'm heading up into the Pentlands for a couple of hours with some friends. I'm sure a blog and maybe even a video will appear about this run as well. 

Have a great weekend everyone and remember, resting is a key part of training. Don't do what I did and keep on running when you should be resting! 

Owain Williams

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