2 races already in 2016

Three days into the new year and I've already had 2 races. I started new years day with a 4 mile race along Portobello promenade. A great local race which is supported by a lot of the local clubs. I think Edinburgh AC had 33 runners racing which was great!

The conditions were almost perfect. I ran the course as a warm up. It was a cold morning so I wanted to make sure I was ready for a fast race. I headed out with club mates Laura and Iain and got back nice and warm ready to race.

Standing on the start line the hooter went off and we were racing. I quickly noticed I was well behind some people I should have been beside or ahead. I picked up the pace, got back to where I wanted to be and relaxed.

Just over half a mile along the prom we had to run around a car then head back past the start / finish line and out to the other end of the prom. This was a long stretch in to a slight headwind. I got into a group of  runners to try and shelter but I felt I was needing to slow my pace to stay in the group, just as I thought this, one of the group broke and went alone, I decided to go with him. He’s a runner who Ive never beat before, someone I normally don't get close to but I was out to race so went for it.

Owain racing portobello prom

I’m glad I did because I soon found I was pulling away from him and kept it that way.

Just before you run around a marshal and head back to the finish, another marshal was calling out our positions. I got a surprise to hear him shout “19” at me. This was it, about a mile to go, I wasn’t going to drop out of the top 20.

With the wind now behind me I focussed on the runner in front and started to chase him.

I was pleased to catch him and pass, I then went chasing the next but ran out of course.

I finished in 22:32 but oddly kept 19th. Not complaining because it was still a personal best.

2nd January

The plan was to pace Mandy around Edinburgh parkrun but when we saw the weather I fancied a go at chasing my course PB. I didn't get my usual warmup done so the first mile felt tough. I went out hard, but the second mile was hard. The wind was stronger than I would have liked but when we came around the loop to head back, the wind was on my back and I just focussed and kept on pushing. Passing a few others in the final half mile, pushing all the way to the line.

Unfortunately, I could only match my personal best. 17:36.

2016 - the year of the half marathon.

Mandy and I have already started booking our places in to races. So far I’m entered Inverness Half marathon and Aviemore half marathon. I’m also looking at Edinburgh and Glasgow half marathons with a mix of shorter races over the months.

Owain Williams

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