2018 targets - better late than never.


You run for the fun, you run for the pain, you run for the next PB, you run to escape.

What ever the reason you run, I’ve been trying to find my own reason lately. I’ve not blogged because I just didn’t feel I had anything to blog about. I’ve been drifting from one week to the next without any real aims or goals.

I’ve put on a bit of weight over the past couple of months and training just feels hard. How do I make myself feel better, well, I eat. It’s a viscous circle. Then, when I think I’m back on track, something comes up like an unplanned meeting at work, an icy pavement, a stormy evening, there is a reason if you look hard enough for it.

I know I’ve got the John Muir Way ultra at the end of March and I would like to run well at it, but that’s not going to happen if a) I’m carrying extra weight around with me and b) I haven’t put the training in for it.

Since the New Year I’ve had a couple of races which are making me think that all is not lost. I had a reasonably race at the Foxtrail 10k race a couple of weeks ago, I ran a solid parkrun at Portobello and followed it up with 10k race from Carlisle to Gretna last weekend - finishing 8th in a provisional time 38:54, although my watch did say 38:40 and I had my toe on the start line. To make sure I got a long run I then turned around and ran from Gretna back to Carlisle to pick up the car.

On the run back I decided to see if I could run my marathon pace that I ran at Stirling after a 10k race and, I’m pleased to say, yes I can.

I ran the 10k in 6:14 min/mi pace, although I was hoping for 6:00 min/mi but due to the strong headwind and lack of fitness, that wasn’t possible but then I ran the route back to the car in 6:39 min/mi pace.

It was really nice being able to cheer in all the runners along the route. Mandy spotted me when she was about 1.5 miles away from the finish and gave me a hi-5 - this then got everyone else behind her wanting hi-5s from me, I actually had to change hand at one point because there were a couple of stingers handed out by those heading towards the finish. I guess they were just pleased to be nearing the end.

So I guess I’ve found a bit of my running mojo again. I love racing and pushing myself harder, I just need to get some consistency in my training again. This week I’ve marked out my runs and I will hit 60 miles if it kills me! 

To keep the racing legs moving, I've also got the Foxtrail 1/2 marathon on Saturday. This is a race I won last year but that's not going to happen this year - I've spotted a couple of names on the start list that even on a good day, I'd struggle to beat, but I'll still go along and give it my all. Then on Sunday I'm planning a 3 hour run along the John Muir Way which I'm looking forward to. 




Owain Williams

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