3 years and a bit of parkrun tourism

Three years to the day I married my wonderful wife, Mandy. The three years have flown by! 

We have bought a flat together, been away on holiday to some lovely places, Mandy still raves about Malta and doesn't let me forget about our first holiday together to Ibiza. Lets just say me spending 24 hours in hospital wasn't the best end to a holiday! 

But during those 3 years we have also ran hundreds and thousands of miles, some of them together, many of them alone but knowing that Mandy is going to be there after a run makes life all that much better. She knows exactly what to say if it's been a bad run, she listens to me talk about running for hours without a single complaint and gives me the best running advice when I need it most. She is my coach, my rock, my commonsense (at times!).

If you follow her blog here on RBM, you will have read that she has had her fair share of bad days, more than many people I'd say, but she keeps on lacing up those trainers and heading out for a run. I'm not sure I would have that dedication when my body just wants to sleep. She is my inspiration and I love her with all my heart and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us both.


This weekend we are heading up towards Dundee and planning on doing some more parkrun tourism. This time it will be the hilly Camperdown park parkrun. I've ran in the park a number of times as part of the Scottish Athletics cross country champs but I've never ran the parkrun route. I'm really looking forward to it. I think it's more of a trail course than Edinburgh or Portobello parkruns which really appeals to me. 

I'm also planning on going out exploring on Sunday, it looks like there are some trails suitable for running on near where we are staying. I plan on taking the video camera out with me and trying to put a short video together. 


I'm really enjoying getting out with the camera just now. The only issue is trying to then find time to edit all the footage and make a short video! I'm still working on the footage from the Sunday long run 2 weeks ago. The problem is, I've got so many ideas that I want to try out and when shooting the video I think, "This will be perfect" but then when I upload the video to my computer, it's either really shaky or not quite how I had imagined.

I'm only trying to make a short 3 minute video, not the next big blockbuster! I should remember that more often I guess and try and just keep is simple...for now. 


Happy couple.


Owain Williams

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