361 Sensation 3

A month ago I was sent a pair of 361 Sensation 3 running shoes. I've now ran over 100 miles in them and so I thought I'd put a quick review together about them. 

One Degree Beyond

What the 361 website says about the company:

One degree beyond is about our dedication and commitment to support athletes of all levels of ability. It is finally time to define your own standards of success. We believe you can do more than you think you can, that is why we support you to perform beyond your own expectations.

What the 361 website says about the Sensation 3:

The Sensation 3 is a very dynamic high mileage running shoe. Full ground contact, with the perfect mix of cushioning and responsiveness. It was made to make you feel faster, just like the 361-Meraki. The key difference is the little added stability for over pronators in the Sensation 3. We have ensured it is just enough to support you through your gait but it won't slow you down!

They sounded amazing but I'm a New Balance fan. I've been wearing the New Balance 860 for years, since version 1. 

Initial thoughts

Loved the colours! I like a bright shoe. I'm not a fan of black shoes, even if they are going to get dirty. I was really impressed by how good they felt, without even putting them on my feet you could tell they were well made. 

I lasted a full 15 minutes before pulling them on and taking them for their maiden outing, they felt like slippers! Super comfy! 

Since I got these shoes I've hardly had them off my feet which in all honesty I didn't expect. I'm usually a New Balance 860 guy, I've worn them for the past 10 years! Then I was given the chance to try these out, the @361europe Sensation 3. I've only heard small amounts of info about the company but thought I'd give them a bash. . . Oh boy, I'm so glad I did. These shoes have enough support to keep me happy on the long runs but are lightweight too. They feel like a racing shoe but with a bit more comfort. Would I run a marathon in these? Absolutely. . . These shoes have gone beyond my expectations but have also given me my running focus back to now go beyond my expectations and shoot for a autumn half marathon PB! Hopefully, with these shoes on my feet. . . So if you get the chance, look out for this brand and give them a go. You never know, you too may become a 361 convert. I just need to find somewhere to buy another pair as I like to buy local rather than online. . . . #ashmeirun #ukrunchat #ultramarathon #runchat #run #runner #ultrarunners #igrunner #runnerscommunity #irun #igrun #running #runtagit #worlderunners #runstagram  #projectRBM #beyondexpectations #361europe #runnersofinsta #igrunners #wearetherunners #recommendation

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What I like about them: 

  • They do feel really light, they almosty feel like a racing flat, but with support
  • The tongue is a nice size, not over the top and it sits well against my leg
  • Nice roomie toe box
  • The colour

What I don't like about them:

  • I can't find anything so far! 

I thought I might find something after running 26 miles in them the other day but nope. They were really comfy and even in the heat, my feet stayed pretty cool. I did get a couple of small blisters but I think that would have happened even in my other running shoes. 

I would highly recommend the Sensation 3 and I hope shops in Edinburgh start to stock them soon as I'd love to try on a couple of other models that 361 make, or, get another pair of the Sensation 3 in another colour.  

Tried for ages yesterday to get a photo that I really wanted, after many failed attempts, I gave up and ran back home. Looking at my photos this morning, I actually really like this one. Running out along the harbour is one of my favourite places to run. Sea breeze and usually only a handful of others out there. 1/2 mile from one end to the other. Perfect. . . I hope everyone had a good night last night walking the moon walk around Edinburgh. I really hope the rain stayed away for you all! . . I'm heading to Glasgow today to support @runbesidehim as she is running the Women's 10k there this morning. Good luck to everyone running that today. If you're running, let me know your race number and I'll try and spot you and give you a cheer. 👍 . . #ashmeirun #ukrunchat #trailrunmag #ultramarathon #runchat #run #runner #ultrarunners #trailrunning #igrunner #runnerscommunity #womens10k #irun #igrun #running #runtagit #worlderunners #runstagram #beyondexpectations #361europe #runnersofinsta #igrunners #wearetherunners #ashmei #greatrun #walkthewalk

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Link to 361 website

Owain Williams

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