70, is the magic number

Getting the miles in.

Last week saw me getting my weekly mileage back up to the 70 mile target that I had set. 

Monday: 12.2 miles (4.1 am, 8.1 pm)
Tuesday: 10 miles (2.2 warm up to the track, 6.6 track session1, 1.1 cool down)
Wednesday: 12.2 miles (4.1 am, 8.1 pm)
Thursday: 4.1 miles
Friday: 14.5 miles (2 warm up to the track, 11.3 track session2, 1.2 cool down)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 17.2

1. Track session was 2x 10 min at current half marathon pace (6:10 per mile), 1x 1 mile @ 5:46, 1x 1km, 1x 800m, 1x 400m, 1x 200m each rep to be faster than the previous. I would tell you my splits but due to the GPS not accurately measuring the curves on the track, the pace is much faster than I actually ran!

2. Track session was a 4,3,2,1 session. 4 miles at target half marathon pace (6:00 per mile), 4 minutes jog recovery, 3 miles at THMP, 3 minutes jog recovery, 2 miles at THMP, 2 minutes jog recovery, 1 mile at THMP...done! Due to a dodgy gut, I had to split the 3 mile rep in to a 2 mile, 1 minute static recovery then 1 mile but I was happy to get the session done. My laps were: (5:55, 6:00, 5:58, 5:56), (6:00, 6:02, 5:54), (5:57, 6:00), (5:54)

The Sunday long run was meant to be a slow run but a group of us ended up chasing after someone. We thought they didn't know the 12 mile route so we went after them to make sure they got back to Craiglockhart Tennis Centre and didn't end up getting lost. 5 miles later, we finally caught them and then found out that they know the route better than us as they live locally! 
We eased the pace off after that and made up the miles along the canal since we didn't head around the 16 mile route. 

I was pleased that we did this actually because I couldn't face the Balerno hill, my legs wouldn't have allowed me to run up it!

Another race

I was looking forward to doing another 4,3,2,1 session this Friday but then I forgot I have the Black Rock 5 race on Friday evening. This is one of my favourite races. It starts at Kinghorn in Fife, just next to the railway station and heads down to the beach. You then run along the beach out to the Black Rock. If the tide allows, you then run, wade, walk, paddle, around the rock and then head back along the beach to where we started from, with very wet feet!
Then, if the wet feet and soft sand hasn't killed your legs enough, the final 50 metres is up a steep hill! It's worth having a look at the official photos from last year.

A good year at the black rock

You get a free bottle of beer at the end though and the BBQ is pretty good as well!

A full race report will be posted next week. 

This weeks plan

With the race this week I'm having to move my miles around a bit and just try and get as much in as I can, without impacting on the race. So far I've managed 12 yesterday and tonight will probably be another 10. Tomorrow will be 12, Thursday will probably be another 12 but at a very easy pace which gives me 24 hours of rest before Black Rock. I'll try and get 7 miles in on Friday evening with a warm up and cool down and then I'm out on Saturday with friends so Sunday may or may not be another 17 mile run. I'm hoping to manage another 70 mile week even with a race. 

Owain Williams

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