A great weekend of running

Last week I covered just under 80 miles and that included another half marathon training session, a cross country race and a Sunday long run in the Pentlands. 

The half marathon session

Target pace 5:50 minutes per mile.
Session: 4 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile at target pace. 

I decided to try a different route for this session and I was on the road by 4:30pm on Thursday evening. The first 4 miles went past without to many issues. I hit 5:52 minute mile pace, so 2 seconds slower than target but the route did have a couple of sharp bends and then the issues started. 

I hit a lot of traffic when trying to do my 2 mile rep. When I say traffic, I mean pedestrians coming out of offices, running for the tram and trains. I really hadn't thought about what time I would be running! I'm going to need to rethink my route for this weeks 4,3,1 session. 

Two days later, I was out at Broxburn for the final East District cross country race. 

Broxburn East District cross country

The weather was cold, so cold the ground was frozen solid. I arrived in plenty of time and went for the usual jog around the course. 

I've ran this course a number of times in the past but this year was my best performance, I've worked out where I positioned as a percentage of all entries and what ever way you look at it, this year was a great improvement.

2009 - 2010: 125th / 195 41:57 (64.1%)
2010 - 2011: 133rd / 240 44:24 (55.42%)
2012 - 2013: 80th / 226 36:15 (34.4%)
2013 - 2014: 91st / 255 36:47 (35.69%)

2014 - 2015: 79th / 225 34:00 (30.98%)
2015 - 2016: 63rd / 278 31:39 (22.66%)

It was the usual 3 laps of the course but it felt like the ground was freezing even harder with every lap. I was wearing my trusty Inov8 Talon 190s and I felt confident in them. I did find I lost some grip on one or two of the steeper hills but I soon made up any time and positions on the flat or downhill sections. 

The water section wasn't as bad as last year either, it was however still very cold! 

Thanks to Alan Ramage for the great photos! 

Uphill climb Running through the water



Owain Williams

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