A long road back

This is a very over due blog post!

A couple of reasons for the delay, one - because I've been away on honeymoon and two - I haven't been running as much as I would like and so I've not had much to say. You may be glad to hear that this is changing again and I am out on the road more.

Before we went away on honeymoon, Mrs Williams and I went down to Edinburgh parkrun and I had a terrible race! On the start line I felt OK, had a chat with some of the guys I've started to get to know from Harrison Park and from other races and wished them a good race. First mile went well but it was obvious it was a fast group that morning and so I relaxed a bit in to a good pace. Mile 2 I was struggling and then the final mile I was walking!! What was going on? The mileage has been fine and I felt good, it then became very clear what was wrong, it wasn't the headwind, it wasn't the pace and it wasn't down to a bad nights sleep the night before. The 3 following days from parkrun I was down with the cold. The first 2 days of the cruise were spent with a tissue constantly under my nose! It's amazing how something like a cold can knock your running before it's even made itself obvious to you!

Since being back from honeymoon I have started a new diet, also known as not eating everything that looks very tasty and that is free at the all you can eat buffet onboard the cruise ship! I've started running again and it has become very clear that I have lost some of my pace and endurance (again!).

My first run back was a 5.5 mile run and I really struggled to hold 7:20min/mi pace. I've since been out for a 6 and a 7.5 mile run and it's coming back but with Moray Marathon not that far away I've had to rethink some things. The first is whether I can race the marathon or not. The answer to that is nope. I'm sure I can get around the course and probably in a time that many others would be happy with but I really wanted to aim for sub 3 hours again and that just isn't going to happen with my current fitness.

So what am I going to do?
I've dropped an email to the organisers of the Moray marathon to ask if I can step down to the half marathon instead. With about 6 weeks to go I reckon I should be able to put in a good performance over this distance, if I can get a season's best I would be happy. If I can scrape a PB at the same time then brilliant but just now the aim is to get a season's best.

What does this mean for the rest of the year?
It could actually work out for the best as it means I can train hard for the Glasgow half marathon and also Pitlochry 10km. A marathon takes a good couple of weeks to recover from and if I raced it, it may even take a month or two to get back to full fitness. By running the half marathon I should be in better shape for the other races I have my sights on for the rest of the year.

What happens if I can't transfer to the half at Moray?
I think I will just take my bike up and cycle around the course supporting the other Pitreavie AAC runners who are doing the races.

Over the coming weeks my plan is to get back out and doing my 10 miles a day, get my fitness back and maybe even head up to Harrison Park, put in a good hard effort for a 10 mile loop rather than 16 - at least until my fitness is back and I can comfortably handle 6:50min/mi avg pace because even that pace is slow to the squad!

I'm planning on getting back to the gym as well, hopefully twice a week, and work on core strength again and tone up a bit!


The plan is now to get back on the road, up the miles again and focus on the upcoming races and to blog more!!

Owain Williams

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