A look back on 2014


With the year almost coming to a close, I thought it might be a good time to look back at 2014. 

What has been achieved?

From a running point of view, I've ran 2 marathons this year, Edinburgh (3:02:50) and Amsterdam (3:05:28) and on the run up to Edinburgh I also ran the Edinburgh to North Berwick 20 mile race (2:15:50), I really enjoyed that race. I ran all 4 of the One Big Weekend JogScotland events, starting in Aberdeen on Saturday morning, Perth on Saturday afternoon, then over to Glasgow on Sunday morning and finishing in Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon. I managed to get a podium finish in each of the 4 races which I was really pleased with. I could be tempted to give it another go next year and see if I can better my times!

I got a new PB at Grangemouth 10k back in April, (37:03) and I really want to better that in 2015. 

Mandy and I bought our first home together in June which is amazing, the flat I mean, not the fact that we bought a place together! 

I got a new job and this blog has been trundling along and I've had some great comments left throughout the year. 

Mandy and I also headed over to Glasgow to watch some events at the Commonwealth Games. That was a great weekend. The highlight was watching the marathon runners race through the city centre. 

It has been my first year racing with the Edinburgh AC vest and first full year training with the team. Everyone has been really welcoming and really supportive, it is a great club to be part of. 

2014 has been a brilliant year. 

What does 2015 have in store for me?

Well, firstly I want to make some improvements to this website! I'd like to get more guest bloggers, applications welcome, just leave a comment below. I'd like to update the look of the site and also see if I can get more companies onboard and I'll write more reviews and maybe be able to offer discounts. 

I'd like to blog more about my running and also more about specific areas of my training. I'll be looking around other similar blogs to see what they offer and see if I can put my own twist on it. 

I'm open to suggestions as well. 

My running will hopefully improve as well. I've decided not to run any marathons in 2015. I'm going to focus on the shorter stuff and get my pace up so that when I go back to a marathon, it's going to be a fast marathon!

I'd like to see PB's across all my distances from 5k to half marathons next year. The training has already started and I'm putting in double sessions. 4 easy miles in the morning before work and then I run home, which is anywhere between 6 miles and 8 miles. 

I wish everyone a fantastic 2015 when it arrives!


Owain Williams

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