A week away in the sun

A week in the sun

Holiday in the sun

Two weeks ago I was away in Lanzarote for a week of relaxation with Mrs Williams (@runwithhim) and it was amazing. We took our running kit with us and just ran when we felt like it, took a take off if we didn't. 

First time we have gone all inclusive for a holiday and it was really good, probably ate too much and drank too much but hey, we were on holiday. 

We stayed at VitalClass and it was really quiet, which was nice. The first day we arrived we took a walk down towards the sea and found a lovely prom which I instantly wanted to run along. The prom was half a mile away from the hotel and gave brilliant views out to see and along the coast. My first run was an out and back which gave me just over 6 miles in total. 

We spotted a map which marked out some walks, a 5km, 8km and 10km option. I decided to give the 10km option a go on one of the evenings, rather than just doing out and back routes, this was a 10km loop around Costa Teguise. 

A Lanzarote 10km must be a different measurement to what I clocked up! 7.50miles later I was back at the hotel. The route was amazing though, felt like I was running in to the dessert at some points. Mostly trail, some steep climbs and descents, a number of twisty paths and I wished I had my trail shoes with me rather than my road shoes. 

I also had some ashmei kit away with me to see how I found it in the heat, a full review will follow in the next month or so. 

The holiday was so good we are already thinking about going back again next year. It was about 20 - 22 degrees all week but there was a stiff wind most days as well. I hadn't realised how windy Lanzarote was! 

Over the week I managed to clock up 36 miles which isn't too bad for a holiday in the sun. 

New blog

I've been working on a new website which I had hoped to have live by now, but trying to export all my blog posts from this site to the new site has been problematic, but since I'm a systems developer by day, I'm going to keep on plugging away at this and write a program to do the hard work for me. Once the new site is ready, Mandy will be joining me in blogging and we will hopefully be able to keep things ticking along a bit more regular than what I manage on my own! 

The other advantage of the new website will be that I should be able to blog from my mobile phone rather than always needing to type these blogs up on a PC. That's the hope anyway!


Owain Williams

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