A week in my life

What a week that was! Recovering after the Scurry to the Sea race took a bit longer than I expected. 3 days of DOMS followed after Sunday's race!

Monday thankfully was a rest day. 

Tuesday was an easy pace recovery run. (5 miles at 7:30 min/mi)

Wednesday was an early morning run due having things on in the evening. The session was a 3+4 sessions which means 3 miles in the range of 7:22 - 7:35, then 4 miles in a pace range of 7:08 - 7:20. A good session but legs were still pretty tired and it took the first 3 miles to actually feel like I could run. 

Thursday was meant to be a run but I swapped it for Friday because I had a really busy day at work and couldn't muster up the energy to run.

Friday was another morning run as I was out at the Musselburgh races on Friday evening. 8 miles out and back along Portobello prom, target pace was 7:08 - 7:20 and after the first mile (7:42) my legs woke up and got good consistant miles in the range of 7:02 - 7:12.

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Then came the tough session of the week. Yesterday, after having one too many pints at the races I had a sessions of 5 x 5 mins at 6:00min/mi pace with 1min jog recovery. 

I finally got out for my run at 5pm once I felt I was hydrated enough. I didn't feel hung over at all I had just had a lazy day in the flat.

I started my 2 mile warm up and felt OK but did notice it was still a warm day and I was sweating a lot for such an easy run. I carried on regardless though and nailed the target pace for the first 2 reps but then on the 3rd rep I had to stop. I felt dizzy and my legs were empty, zero energy in them. I decided to walk that rep and then I had to make a choice, do I bin the session or do I give it one more go?

I decided that I would kick myself if I just binned the session there and then and so I went for another rep. Legs felt much better and I wasn't sweating as much. Everything just clicked and I continued on to the 5th and final rep and again hit target pace. I was now annoyed that I had canned the 3rd rep but honestly, I couldn't have ran even at a hard effort let alone at target pace. Safer to skip a rep than trip and hurt myself due to lack of concentration. 

Today was a nice 14 mile run with Scott H and we ventured up some of the paths I found last week during the Scurry race. A really enjoyable run and we missed the showers which was a bonus. We started at 9am and were finished before midday. It's great just to get a run like that done early. It gives you the rest of the day to do whatever you want. 

Next week I'm not sure what I have planned yet, my coach is still to send me the weeks training plan but one thing is for sure, it's likely to have 2 speed sessions, a long run and maybe some tempo stuff in there. 

Have a great week everyone and hope you all had a great weekend. 

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions you want me to answer in my next blog. 


Owain Williams

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