A week in my shoes

This week has been really interesting, well, I've found it interesting. Work has got a bit quieter or maybe it's just becoming the norm and I'm getting used to it, either way, I'm getting some more sleep than the previous week and I've got some more running in. 

Monday, started the week with a 10.5 mile run home from work. It was a surprisingly warm evening and I ran the route at my easy VDOT value, which is 7:45min/mi, it was so easy that I actually found it difficult.

Tuesday, I headed to the local track with Mandy and while she did her speed training I had a nice easy run around the track. In the evening I headed to training with Pitreavie AAC. It was 5 laps of 0.85 mile with 3 minutes recovery. I was pretty happy with my reps, found the wind quite tough and legs started to slow on the 3rd rep but that may have been due to going off to hard for the first two.

1. 5.37 min/mi
2. 5.35 min/mi
3. 5.49 min/mi
4. 5.50 min/mi
5. 5.48 min/mi

On either side of the session I had 1 mile warm up and cool down. 

Wednesday, I headed back to the track, this time for my own session. 12 x 400 metres at 1:26 and 50 metres jog recovery and then finishing on a 200 metre sprint. It's a tough session but really gives you a good work out. 

Thursday was meant to be another session at the club but due to a couple of things that came up I missed training. 

Friday, this was something a bit different. I have been helping a student at Napier University with their studies and being doing tests for him. The first was running as hard as I can to find out my VO2Max, Friday was a 10k time trial on a treadmill, but this isn't any normal treadmill run. I was locked in a massive fridge which is at a constant 5C, the treadmill has 2 controls, 1 to go faster, 1 to go slower, there is no screen on it to tell you pace or distance. On top of that I had to give blood an hour before and after. I also had to swallow a CorTemp pill. This pill is clever, it transmits my core body temperature and my heart rate to a hand held device which can then be analysed at a later time. Information about the pill can be found on the manufacturers site: http://www.hqinc.net/cortemp/products/ - the shock was that this pill costs $40!! 

After the tests I headed to the Commonwealth pool for an event organised by Edinburgh Marathon Festival. It was a chance to hear from some running experts about how to take on a marathon. I found it really interesting. Ross Houston, Scotland's #2 marathon runner did a Q&A session with the Run and Become owner, Adrian and it was really good. After that a couple of other speaks had 10 minutes to speak, this included the endurance coach from Edinburgh AC and the physio I use, Guy Van Herp. Both were great speakers. After the event I had a quick chat with Ross about his marathon times and also about my Commonwealth Games target. I was surprised to find out that he knew about me already via my Twitter account. 

Today, Saturday was Livingston cross country. The course is 3 laps around a hilly, muddy course with a mix of deep mud, forest track and path. Previous years I have hated this course but this year, I really enjoyed it. Went out with no expectations and kept a nice even pace for the 6 miles. Not sure on my finish position yet but after the first lap I started to catch and overtake a lot of runners, I felt really strong and loved it. Finished in 39mins which was over a minute faster than last year so my training is obviously working. 

Tomorrow I am heading down to York for a long weekend break with Mandy and then its back to training on Tuesday. 

Owain Williams

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