A week later

It's been just over a week since I ran Edinburgh Marathon 2014 and I've been taking it easy. Last Monday I shouldn't have been able to walk let alone run but I was feeling not too bad. 

Ended up going out for an easy 3 mile run with Mandy and although my legs did feel heavy, I really shouldn't have been capable of a 3 mile run. 

Tuesday night I headed to the track for another easy 3 mile run but really shouldn't have been running an average pace of 7:00min/mi! Not after a marathon 2 days before. Wednesday was another easy run of 3 miles with Mandy and then I took the rest of the week off. 

During the week that has past, I've had more time to think about the race.

It's always worth thinking about the race a week or so afterwards, I think it just gives you a different angle of thought. 

  1. The head wind for 17 miles made it tough and I think I should have accepted that and eased off my pace.
  2. I need to look at taking gels or some sort of energy supply during the race. I was expecting to get lucozade at mile 17 during the race. It wasn't until I checked the Edinburgh Marathon website after the race I realised it was just energy gels, that messed with my head. Lesson learnt - know what it on the course, a rookie mistake! 
  3. The mile markers aren't always right. Mile 19 was out by some way and that messed with my head. 
  4. Don't let things mess with your head!! 
  5. At about mile 22 I poured a full bottle of water over me to try and cool down and instantly regretted it, my vest felt heavy, I considered taking it off but didn't want to scare anyone! Should have just splashed water on my face. 
  6. Did I taper enough? Maybe not but I really did feel fresh the week before and I was still taking it really easy with less miles.

Plenty to think about and with less than 20 weeks to go before Amsterdam, I will be getting the miles back in to my legs again soon enough. 

What will I do differently for Amsterdam?

  1. Get more long runs in, I'm looking at getting 10 runs of 20+ miles in which only gives me 10 weeks of lower mileage, which really means 5 weeks of building back up to 20 miles and then 5 weeks of lower miles on the other side of the last long one. 
  2. Test out different gels!
  3. Look at getting some new shoes, I'm tempted to try out some lighter options as I did start to find my shoes were becoming heavy, possibly more in my mind than anything.
  4. Get more weekly miles in my legs, probably look at 60 to 70 miles a week on a regular basis
  5. Do more core work, situps, crunches, press ups etc. I think my posture was really poor in the later stages of Edinburgh and this in turn made my running more laboured. 
  6. Regular visits to a physio just to get checked over - still got a slight niggle in my thigh which hasn't really gone away. 

So there you have it! My Amsterdam plan! 

Better get training!! 

Owain Williams

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