A weekend of running

On Saturday I was in two minds whether to go to Penicuik 10k or not. My legs were still stiff from Wednesday's Antonine trail race and I just couldn't be bothered to be honest. I hummed and hawed and eventually decided to go along, do a warm up, see how I felt and decide from there. 

I got to Penicuik with about 45 minutes to spare before the start of the race. I collected my race number, pinned it to my vest and then went for a warm up with some of the other guys from Edinburgh AC. It was a lovely day. 

The warm up was OK so I decided to give the race a go, use it as a hard training session more than anything. I'd paid for the entry after all. 
I positioned myself about 3 rows back from the start line, said hi to a couple of others than I know from other clubs and then we were off.

Running in the Edinburgh Pentlands

The first 1/2 mile is pretty much downhill and then the main climb starts. It's a mile to the top and my legs weren't enjoying it at all. I tucked in behind a couple of other Edinburgh AC runners and decided to just stick with them for as long as my legs would allow. 

When the road flattened out a bit one of the guys pulled away but I was happy just sticking with my other team mate. We worked together along the top of the course where the wind was a bit stronger and before we knew it we were heading back down the hill towards the finish line. 

The pace naturally increased and over the past mile or so I had put a bit of space between me and my other team mate but with about a mile to go, my legs decided they really couldn't go any faster. My breathing was fine and I felt fine apart from the legs. My team mate cruised past me and I had nothing to give. 

The course then finishes with a short incline and a flat run on the grass for 50 metres or so. I would normally try a sprint finish but I just cruised in. Ticking the box for a hard training run, finishing 32nd / 256 in 38:28. 

Sunday's long run

I had a visit from Robert from ashmei HQ and he fancied heading out for a run. Due to his other commitments on Sunday we met at 8:30am and headed up in to the Pentlands. It was perfect conditions and we had a good chat while taking on the 16 mile route. I really enjoyed it. A nice relaxed pace and getting plenty of time to stop, take photos and just enjoy my surroundings. Sometimes I feel on a Sunday we bash out the 16 mile route and don't really enjoy the scenery, especially at the top reservoirs. I might need to head up at this time on a bit more of a regular basis. Maybe take my video camera and get some footage for my next video.

I put a short video together from my visit to Tiree which can be video'd below. 

My legs didn't feel too bad considering they felt dead on Saturday. 

Monday Madness

Then I went out on Monday. A nice easy Monday morning 6 miles and everything felt good. Maybe a wee twinge in my left leg but nothing serious. Then I went to work, came home and headed out for an evening 6 miles. I felt great. Running along the cycle path, enjoying the sun, not really thinking about my pace. I had a feeling I wasn't hanging about but it wasn't until I got home I looked at my pace. 6:38 avg pace for 6 miles, progressively getting faster on each mile. 


The final mile was a bit slower due to going uphill but also I thought I better ease up a bit, but to be honest, the damage was done. I went to training on Tuesday at the track and I felt rubbish! Struggled to do the session and learnt my lesson. Don't do a progression run on a Monday if I want to put in a good session on a Tuesday! This is a note to myself to remind myself the next time I even think about it! It's not worth it. 

Owain Williams

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