Amsterdam Marathon 2014 - pre race.

Amsterdam marathon 2014

Since my last blog about Amsterdam I've been out of action, again!

The 14 mile run never happened and I've only today gone out for the first time since Thursday. I've been getting a pain in my leg foot and after some googling - it sounds like it could be Metatarsalgia but I'll get it checked out after the marathon. I went for a 4 mile run this morning and there is no pain so I'm comfortable with the fact that I should be fine for the race. I better be!

I've also been in contact with Garmin Europe for over a month now trying to get my watch fixed. The issue is sometimes it records the GPS data to show a map of my route while other times it doesn't. This has only happened since they upgraded their Connect software but it now looks like it could be a watch issue, even though this is the second watch they have sent me to 'resolve' the issue.

Anyway, that will also now need to wait until I am back from Amsterdam, they couldn't get a watch to me before the race so I'm just going to take my current one and just hope that it records the entire race. The annoying thing is, I won't know if it has or not until I get back because when you view the data on the watch, everything looks fine.

Mandy (the Wife) - is also all set for the 8km race which starts just after the marathon kicks off. We are both hoping for good weather, not too hot, not too windy, ideally a typical Scottish cold Autumn morning!

Just now the forecast is saying 9 mph southerly wind and by the afternoon 22 degrees. We might need to put some sun scream on if it stays like that.

Once both Mandy and I have finished our races we are then planning on watching the Half marathon, where we have friends running that as well. It's a proper racing weekend away.

I'm sure by the end of the day, a couple of drinks will have been enjoyed along with a lot of eating! Really looking forward to it.

All I would like to say is "Good luck to all running over the weekend!" - I'm sure we will all enjoy ourselves, no matter what happens...but if I don't get a sub 3 hour time, I'll just not enjoy it as much as everyone else :)

If you want to track anyone who is running, you can download the app

Team Edinburgh Athletics Club runners:

Owain Williams : 5767
Iain Macdonald : 4692
Stuart Johnston : 4110

If there is anyone else, please add a comment below.






Owain Williams

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