An interview with Ross Beveridge

This weeks interview is with a well known face of the Foxy Trail Runners. He is also a well known face on the Ultra marathon circuit after having a very busy year last year! More about that in a moment.

An interview with Ross Beveridge.

Owain: Lets start at the beginning, why did you start running?

Ross: I used to be a 20-a-day smoker so when I decided to quit I needed something else to do. A new habit that was a bit more healthy. Running was something that I could do on my own whenever I felt like it so I started running to the end of the street. Then a mile. Then 5k and so on...

Owain: And so on... you mean like running the West Highland Way Race, 95 miles of trail?

Ross: 😊

Owain: How long have you been running for?

Ross: I started 6 years ago, back in 2013.

Owain: Brilliant! So I'm guessing that I already know the next answer to my question but, what's your favourite distance to run?

Ross: Ye, Ultras are my favourite.

Owain: I'd never have guessed. So how many Ultras have you now completed?

Ross: In total, I've ran 18 with 11 being last year. Last year was a bit of a crazy year for me entering a lot of races.

Owain: Wow, that's an impressive number of miles! What's your favourite time to run?

Ross: I really enjoy running in the morning. In the summer, I love to be out when it’s light but there’s no people around and I feel like I’ve got the whole countryside to myself. It's also why I tend not to run with music. I like to hear the silence. If I do put music on, my favourite track to listen to is Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

Owain: Nothing beats running somewhere when everyone else is still in bed and you have a place to yourself. Perfect!

Ross: Yip, I also love just heading out on to trails and exploring on my own. I guess that's why I like ultras, there is a lot of 'alone' time during some of these longer races.

Owain: Ye, I found that when I was running "The Devil" last year. So many people running the race and yet you find yourself all along for hours on end. I quite liked it.

How did you first hear about the Foxy Trail Runners group?

Ross: I actually can’t remember. I assume it just popped up on my FB timeline

Owain: Well we are glad that it did! What do you enjoy about the Foxy runs?

Ross: I love the social aspect. It’s nice to see all the regular runners and catch up but also chat to new people from all different running backgrounds and abilities.

Owain: As a regular face at the Foxy Trail runs, having been to most of the runs, do you have any suggestions on how the team could improve the Foxy runs?

Ross: Not really. I like the format, the distance, the frequency and the routes. Keep up the good work!

Owain: Oh shucks!! Thanks, I'll pass on your kind words to Mandy and Ali. Obviously you are running a massive amount of mileage so what's your go-to pair of shoes for trail running?

Ross: Saucony Peregrines

Owain: Nice, I've just had a quick search online to have a look at them, they look like they have a nice balance of cushioning and grip. Perfect for many of our runs. What would you say has been your favourite route so far?

Ross: I really like Roslin Glen.

Owain: Aye, that was a good route, I think we had a bit of everything that day, weatherwise and terrain. Thanks Ross for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the 2019 series of runs.

Ross: Thanks to You, Ali and Mandy for setting up the group and all the runners who I’ve chatted to on the runs I’ve made it along to. Before I joined the group I was pretty much just a solo runner who went running to get away from people but since joining, Ive met some lovely and amazing people who are now friends and who I actively enjoy meeting up with to go for a run. It’s great to have such a mix of abilities, ages, and experiences all stomping through the countryside together, chatting, picking up tips and advice and generally just having a laugh and a good time together. Also, there’s also coffee and cake at the end. What’s not to love!

Owain Williams

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