Another week, then it's on!

With the first week of Jantastic under my belt I'm feeling pretty good. 6 runs last week with a total of 41 miles.

Not the highest of miles ever but it's all in the right direction for the build up to the start of marathon training which begins next week.
This week is pretty much the same again, an easy run today followed by a track session tomorrow evening, easy run on Wednesday, club training session on Thursday, day off on Friday, 5 easy miles on Saturday then long run on Sunday of another 12.

Yesterday's 12 mile run with the Craiglockhart squad was brilliant. Headed out from the sports centre and the road was a bit icy in places and the canal wasn't much better. A couple of slippery moments crossing the viaduct but once we were all up on to the Water of Leith it was fine. Lots of mud but nothing too troublesome.

As you can see from the pace, we weren't hanging about either! The first mile was the slowest at 7:15 pace and the fastest was the last mile at 6:04! The very last mile was slower because we were back on the canal again and it was still slippery under foot. It wasn't our plan to get faster and we were all having an easy conversation without realising the pace.

I take this as a sign that my fitness is improving.

A great group yesterday and I really do enjoy my Sunday morning runs with them, soon I'll look at upping the miles to the 16 mile route but one step at a time. I may take the miles up to 13 this week, do 1/2 mile warm up before starting and do 1/2 mile cool down.

Next Monday is the start of my 18 week marathon plan and then the countdown really begins and I get focussed on the job in hand.


Owain Williams

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