Are we getting soft?

Are we getting soft? This was a question raised this morning while having breakfast. Sitting in our flat in Edinburgh, enjoying our breakfast and a cup of coffee, the rain, sleet and wind was battering off our dining room window. 

I have a 6 mile run to do and honestly, the thought of going out in that weather is not appealing. 

I'm training for Manchester Marathon and up until this week, my training was going well. I was getting out and getting the sessions done but this week I've been struggling to find the motivation to get the trainers on. I don't mind a bit of rain, a bit of cold, but it just feels like the past 3 weeks we have had nothing but rain and wind and not the light breeze kind of wind, this is 40mph gusts! The sort of wind that takes your breath away and is relentless.

Am I getting soft? I don't think so, if today was the first day of getting soaked to the skin in the wind, fine. But I've had to dump my wet kit on the bathroom floor one too many times over the past weeks. 

I've become so fed up with the weather that on Thursday I said, stuff it! I'm not going out in that! I took the night off. I sat in my warm flat and watched some TV. Sure, some people may have gone out in the weather but not me. I needed to mentally recharge.

Mentally I feel I've been ground down to a point where I just don't want to do it any more. I don't want to pull on 4 layers of clothing, put on a hat, gloves and buff just to go for a run where I might stay warm. I've even given in and joined the gym, just so I can use a treadmill for some of my longer runs. 

10 miles last week were done on a treadmill because I just wanted to be warm - 10 miles on a treadmill would have been a nightmare for me previously but instead, I put on Netflix on my phone and actually enjoyed it! 

Today, sitting here typing this, it's gone dark outside again which means rain is on its way again and I'm thinking today might be another treadmill day! 

I'd really be interested to hear how you are all coping with the recent weather, are you just going out, battling the elements or have you given in to the gym?

Owain Williams

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