Arthurs Seat

Last night was meant to be 12 x 400m, 1 x 200m with 50m jog recovery. It's a real tough session but one that I enjoy as the plan is to get my times faster which will help with 5km races but also improve my aerobic fitness which will help with endurance.

However, on the way to the track it started to absolutely chuck it down! This wasn't an issue in itself but the Meadowbank track gets quite slippy at times if you don't have spikes and this is the problem Mandy had, so rather than cancel the session we parked at the foot of Arthurs seat, just in Holyrood Park and decided to do an impromptu hill session. Mandy's aim was to run around Arthurs seat without stopping and I would do a 2 min hard effort away from her, turn around and recover for a minute then continue to do this all the way around 'the seat'.

It started off fine but doing a 2 min effort up the steep road was tough, but rewarding. The 1 min recovery felt like nothing and then when we were running back down the other side the recoveries were uphill while the efforts were downhill so it then turned in to a speed session - a bit of everything!

A great session and it's amazing how much distance can be made when doing out and backs like this. I covered 5 miles while Mandy did 3, she also managed to run all the way round with out stopping which was great, her running is going from strength to strength just now. It was great still getting out for a run but also running with someone else, even if they are doing a different session.

Soaked to the skin by the end of it but it was really enjoyable.

The mile reps don't look all that fast so next time I think I may manually lap my Garmin so that I can measure my efforts and recoveries.


Owain Williams

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