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With the ashmei challenge for March coming to a close next week, I thought I'd reflect on how it went for me. 

The challenge had 3 parts:  run every day of March, a mile or more; run 131 miles by the end of March; or cycle 531 miles by the end of March. 

I decided to go for the 131 miles and I completed that within the first 2.5 weeks of the challenge - the joys of training for a marathon and clocking up high mileage weeks! I was also trying to be the first to post on social media that I had completed the challenge.  However, due to missing a run one Monday evening, I was 2 miles short of hitting the target when Philip Goose posted:


twitter quote 

Darn! If only I had gone out and ran a couple of miles on the Monday.

For me, the challenge was relatively easy, but that's not to take anything away from those who are still clocking up the miles to hit the 131 challenge. 131 miles over roughly 4 weeks is 32 miles a week. If you are used to just running 10k, 3 times a week, which many people are, 131 miles is a lot! 

The other challenge of running every day of March was never in my mind as I like my days off. The thing is that since the start of March I've actually only had 2 days off and I'm currently on day 13 of running without a rest. 

It doesn't look like a rest is planned this week either. Due to a number of factors I'm trying to scrape miles from every possible opportunity. I'm heading down to ashmei HQ this weekend to meet the new ambassador hopefuls for 2017/18. 

Mandy and I are driving down tomorrow but with a 6.5 hour drive down and the same back again on Sunday, my Sunday long run isn't going to happen.  It's maybe a good opportunity to get an easier week before the final push towards Stirling marathon start.

But I digress. What was the ashmei #challenge31 all about? 

It's ashmei's way of giving something back to their followers on social media, a way to motivate people to do some extra miles during March.  The big incentive is that if you complete the challenges you get a discount code for their online shop. 


Here is what ashmei say about their challenge:

"Challenge 31 is an event for runners and cyclists looking to either kick-start or ramp up outdoor athletic activity. To motivate athletes to step up their running or riding over the course of the month, the British brand is offering significant rewards of between 25% & 31% discount in return for participation. The more often you run or ride, the greater the reward."

If you want to follow how everyone else is getting on, just search twitter for #challenge31 and you can see others pushing up the mileage and aiming for the full 31% discount by running every day. 

Owain Williams

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