Barry Buddon Half

Yesterday I was hoping to get a new PB at Barry Buddon half marathon, but it wasn't to be. 

So what happened? 

I'm not sure if I am honest. I thought I could have ran 5:50 - 5:55 pace for at least 10 miles and then I would just hold on to whatever the legs would allow me to do for the final 3 miles.
Did I go out too fast? Did I put too much work in during the first 3 miles? It was into the wind but my legs just felt empty, not fresh like they should feel at the start of a race. I felt like I was running the final 3 miles of the race, not the first 3! 

First couple of miles.


I was running in a small group for the first 3 miles. I planned to stick with them but I lost touch with them just past the first water station and never saw them again! 

I was struggling and at mile 4 I was having dark thoughts. Thoughts of stopping and just jogging back to the start. I tried to relax and get the legs ticking over again and it did help but not for long. 

race splits

As you can see from my splits, from mile 5 I was getting slower and slower.

Did I taper?

Yip but maybe I tapered too much. Is that even possible? I ran my usual 10 miles on the Monday, did my usual track session on Tuesday and then just did easy 4 miles each day until yesterday. I had Saturday off from running to rest my legs for the following day. 

I had a good nights sleep as well, I felt rested on Sunday morning. 

Was it something I ate?

Don't think so, I had my usual race breakfast. Porridge with mixed fruit in it. I didn't have my coffee but I did have some coffee before I got to the race. 

What now?

I've a couple of thoughts going through my mind, one is to run the Scottish Half marathon in 3 weeks time, the other is to not do a half now until Aviemore which is a downhill course which officially doesn't count towards a road PB due to the amount of downhill and also it's more offroad than on. A good trail race. I had considered running the Great Scottish Half which is in Glasgow but I'm not so sure. So many options. 

I could probably over-think yesterday's race, if I haven't already. I just wish I could pinpoint something. The other thing that has come in to my mind is my weekly mileage. It's not as high as I have done in the past. Weekly mileage has been only an average of 56 miles a week since I started my new job. I used to do 70 miles without thinking about it due to my daily 14 mile round trip commute. What ever it was / is, I hope to have one final good half marathon before the winter season starts. 


Owain Williams

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