Be positive

I've decided to try and write a blog each day of December, they will be about running or how training is going or whatever takes my fancy on that day. I'm hoping it gets me thinking about blogging a bit more and also give me a place just to share my thoughts for the day.

Today's blog is about being positive. What do I mean by this? Well, if you are running with negative thoughts in your mind it has to have an effect on how you run. I know I've had runs, usually on a Tuesday evening when at track, when I feel like I'm not a runner, I'm going through the motions but I'm not catching the group in front of me and the group behind me seem to be clipping my heels. These are the nights where I need to remind myself to be positive and enjoy the training. No-one is forcing me to be there, I go there out of choice. I go there to become faster, to become fitter, to enjoy training!

If I'm negative then my stride changes, my posture changes, I start running as if I have lead in my trainers. Last Tuesday was a tough tough session, yes it hurt, yes 'The Beast' made an appearance but I kept positive and gave it my all. Running with guys I wouldn't normally try to keep up with and by the end of it I felt as if I had worked. I don't care if those guys were maybe having an off night or tapering for a race this weekend, I was still working my arse off to keep with them.

I've been told that I'm a really positive person but even positive people can have negative moments. The key is not to let those moments become minutes which become hours which then become days! Each and everyone one of us has reasons to be positive, we just need to look for them a bit harder sometimes.

Today's positive thought was, it's Friday! It's a simple thing but I love my weekends. It's time to spend with Mandy, it's time to do things together and it's time, just now at least, to get a run in during the daylight.

One small positive thought first thing in the morning can set you up for the day.

If you find yourself being negative about something, turn it upside down and find a positive. A quote I like is:

Everyday might not be good but there is something good in every day



Owain Williams

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