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My sister-in-law to be, Marion, posted an article on facebook this morning which to be honest, made my morning. So much so that I felt I needed to blog about it.

The article / blog can be found on the Guardian newspapers website - The blog is titled "Running etiquette - the 10 commandments".

The 10 commandments are:

1. Thou shalt nod hello

This is a real bug bear of mine - I run along the Union Canal, the water of Leith and around Arthurs Seat quite often and I am always surprised by the lack of nodding. It's nice to be nice and I know if someone says hi, or even just nods their head at me, it gives me a wee boost. No matter how tired I am or if I am in the middle of a hard effort, I will always try and nod or raise my hand to say hi or something just to acknowledge the fellow runner. I have found that the further out I go along the union canal the more hello's I get. Maybe it's just people in the city centre are too absorbed in their own heads?

2. Thou shalt commute considerately
Not really an issue for me as I tend not to use running as a mode of transport in to work. I may run from the office to get home but I would always run straight in to the shower before thinking about doing anything else, i.e. go for dinner, get on public transport.

3. Thou shalt not flaunt your phlegm
Again, luckily not a problem for me. I tend to be pretty much phlegm free. I tend to find the problem is with other people who don't obey this rule while racing. I've lost count the number of times someone has dropped a snotter on my trainers while shooting it over their shoulder. If you really need to do this, please check there isn't anyone within the blast radius!

4. Thou shalt share the path
This is a must if you are using any of the cycle paths around Edinburgh, they are busy, especially during rush hour. I always try and give way to other cyclists, if I am passing other runners I will always make sure there is enough space to do so. One comment I would make about this is if you are using headphones, make sure you can hear other path users!

5.Thou shalt dress with dignity
I would never dress any other way! I don't have the body to go running topless!

6. Though shalt not litter
I do get annoyed when I see gel wrappers around the paths, in bushes, in the canal. There is no excuse for it, so don't!

7. Thou shalt be realistic on race day
This is probably more important to me now than it ever has been, as I've mentioned in my other posts, I'm not currently as fast as I have been so I will be stepping back a row or two from the start line until my pace returns. Don't want to get in the way of those who are faster than me.

8. Thou shalt have a bit of common sense
Don't run out in front of that car because you think you can make it. Just wait until it has passed. Don't put your headphones up so loud that the entire city can hear it but you can't hear the city! There may be a time when someone is shouting at you, warning you of the piano that is falling from the 15th floor of a block of flats above you and you won't hear it. You may be a road runner but one day, Wylie Coyote may just get you! Meep! Meep!

9. Thou shalt say thank you to marshals
Nothing more to add to this - do it!

10. Thou shalt not take yourself too seriously
Life is too short, enjoy your running!


As well as reading the article I also spotted a tweet about the Edinburgh Meadows 1 mile race. This is a race I've wanted to do for years but never got round to it. I tweeted that I was going to go tonight but then I stopped, thought about the long game and retweeted to say I wouldn't be doing it. Why?

It's simple. I need to focus on my training, get the speed and endurance back in my legs and behave. Stop racing a race just because I like the sound of it. Pick my races and train for them. I've three races this year I want to do well in, Pitlochry 10km (22nd September), Glasgow Great Scottish Run half marathon (6th October) and Moray marathon (1st September). Now that I look at these dates on paper, Pitlochry might not be as good as I hoped due to the marathon date but I will wait and see.

By picking and choosing my races a bit more than usual it may mean I miss out on the club championship title this year (I've won it for the past 2 years) but to be honest, I would prefer to come back stronger for 2014 than over race and under train.



Owain Williams

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