Boston Marathon

Unless you have been in the middle of a jungle for the past 24 hours you have no doubt heard the horrific news about Boston Marathon.

I was at home watching the TV when my Twitter account and Facebook account went crazy, since most of my friends and people I follow on social media are runners it was no surprise. What did surprise me was that the attack at Boston had happened at all.

In the 'social media' world we live in it wasn't long until footage, photos and tweets were coming in direct from Boston. It made me angry that this had happened. I'm sure I'm not alone when the first thought I had was 'Why?'

Why would someone or a group of people decided to do this. To attack innocent people who more than likely were raising money for a charity close to their hearts.

Reading all the tweets one thing became very clear, no matter where you run in the world, whether it's once a week down your local park or if you go out and compete on a regular basis, runners will unite and not allow this to stop us doing what we love. Some of us may think about the victims the next time we are out running, others like me may blog about it just to get their thoughts down on 'paper'. It's difficult to know what to say or think about what happened. I guess this has hit home more than 9/11 or 7/7 simply because this is something I do, I run, I run marathons and I know how people feel when they see the finish line ahead of them after running 26 miles.

I doubt this was an attack on running or even sporting events, it was simply a chance for some extremists to do damage with the world watching. I read that this is the second largest televised event in America, the first being the Super Bowl, so I guess it was always at risk of something like this happening and how do you secure 26.2 miles of open road anyway? Put a fence all the way around the course and tell all spectators to stay away? This would never happen and it won't happen this weekend at London.

I have been asked if I am still a) going to go to London and b) going to run London and straight away I answered yes. If the event is on then I'm going, even if the event is cancelled I'm still going to travel down.

We can't let extremists tell us what we can and can't do - we can't let them win and think that what they did at Boston is OK and it's the way to get what they want.

My thoughts are with all involved and affected by the bombing.



Owain Williams

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