But I don't have time!

I don't have time to do a long run this week. That had been my excuse for the past 6 or 7 weeks, I just couldnt fit in a long run on a Saturday or Sunday due to other commitments. What I didn't consider was doing my long run during the week.

I didn't fancy doing a day at work and then knocking out 16 miles on my way home, probably not getting in until 7 and then by the time I cool down, get a shower etc, it would be going on 8 and then I would need my dinner. 

This week I'm going away for some much needed sunshine which, although I was told to get a long run in to try and help at Glasgow half, I wasn't sure when I could fit it in. Then it hit me, why not do it on my way to work in the morning. 

16 miles in to work. 

Running with a rucksack isn't an issue to me anymore but the thought of running 16 miles with a change of clothes, my lunch and my laptop didn't fill me with joy, but I wasn't going to let this idea fizzle out. 

I needed to get a long run in and I was going to find a solution. 

I sat down in our study, staring at the computer screen and started to map a run in to the office but another idea hit me. I know that from the house to the office is 6.5 miles, all I needed was a 9.5 mile loop from the house and I would then tag on the 6.5 miles. I could then pick up my rucksack from the car which was parked outside the flat and do my usual commute.

It was a winner. 

I packed my bag the night before, laid out my ashmei kit, measured out my homemade muesli and went to bed. 

The alarm went off at the usual time of 6:30am but I was determined to get out the door by 7. 

I pulled on my kit, had my muesli followed by a cup of coffee, brushed my teeth and got out the door at 7. Put my rucksack in to the car and headed out on the 9.5 mile loop. 

Felt strange not running with a rucksack first thing in the morning but I was glad I didn't have the extra weight, especially when I reached Cramond water front, there was a strong headwind down there! 

On the way back to the flat I passed Nicholas going in the opposite direction to his work. 


Got back to the house and my legs were feeling pretty good but I knew I still had an uphill run to the office to do. I pulled on my rucksack and instantly I felt slower. The thing that surprised me though was I was actually nipping along at a reasonable pace.

I'm not saying this will be a regular run for me but it gives me an option if the weekend is looking busy.

I'm on target for a 75 mile week and that will include a day off on Sunday in Madeira! 


So the next time you think you don't have time for a key training session, just take a couple of minutes and you will find a solution if you really want to.  


Owain Williams

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