Commonwealth Games

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

Well, we are almost there, the Commonwealth Games kick off tomorrow in Glasgow and I'm really looking forward to watching as much of the action as I can either on the TV or in person. 

Who would have thought that this website was started originally to track my progress with the aim to compete at the Games over the marathon distance. I can only laugh at this now, looking at where I am and where I would need to be to get close. Maybe I was aiming a bit high, maybe I should have set my sights a bit lower but hey, I thought I'd give it a go and due to many factors I fell very very short of the target.

Maybe that very sentence "I thought I'd give it a go" is the start of the issue. You can't just "give it a go", it requires 100% commitment to the cause and hand on heart, I didn't give it my all. I could blame this or that but honestly, it was never going to happen with the attitude of "I'll give it a go".

Trying to get a sub 3 hour marathon seems like a massive aim let along a 2:19 marathon!  

I want to wish all of Team Scotland the best of luck, hope everyone has a fantastic Games. I will be at the triathlon on Saturday and then at the side of the streets watching the marathon on Sunday.  

Now, to get training for the marathon team at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018.....I might as well give it a go.....


Owain Williams

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