Double trouble.

After a run home the other night, which was 13 miles at an easy pace, I uploaded my run to Strava. The follow comments were posted:

Strava comments

Hamish (@catsfather) had a question which I thought best to answer here rather than on Strava, for the simple reason, it gave me something to blog about which wasn't just "I had a good run home" or "Winge, whine, boo hoo, poor me, I'm tired!"

Double it up

Some people use double sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, to allow them to get their daily mileage in or to increase their mileage on top of their usual runs/training. Another reason for doubling up is it's just your way of getting home / commuting. 

Hamish mentions that his early morning run is easier than it is in the evening, there are two reasons I can think of for this and these are just my thoughts. I'm not qualified in any sports sciences or anything like that. 

The first is you are fully rested, fueled and ready for the day but by the time the evening comes, you've done a day at work, maybe a bit dehydrated and the last thing you want to do is X miles home. 

The second is that your early morning run is done too fast. It might feel easy but you need to keep in mind that you are also going to run again later in the day. If you go full tilt in the morning I would be surprised if you could manage the same pace on the way home, especially after a day at work. 

I've ran doubles a couple of times when I can't fit the time in to get one long run done. I run to work and then run home. I however seem to be the opposite of Hamish. I really struggle to get any sort of pace going in the mornings and so I treat them like a recovery run, nice and slow, sometimes a full minute off my usual pace for the distance.

Too much , too soon?

Another thought I had was that you have only just started running doubles. If this is the case then it could be a simple fact of your body needs to get used to it. If you have been running doubles for a while then I go back to the start of this blog. Dehydration? Fueling? 

I have had some really poor sessions in the evening for the simple reason that I was dehydrated. It's amazing what a difference it can make. 

Happy to discuss this further with Hamish if he wants to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog and if anyone else has any thoughts, feel free to comment. 

Owain Williams

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