eat, sleep, run, repeat

I eat, I sleep, I run and then I repeat or at least that's how it feels sometimes. 

The thing that makes me do it week in, week out is the enjoyment of running. I don't think I could do it unless I enjoyed it.

Some people cycle, some people swim, others go to the gym, but you need to find something that you enjoy otherwise you'd just give it up.

I love going out for an easy run, a tempo run, a long run, anything as long as I've got my trainers on and I'm clocking up the miles. This weekend I'm down in Whitley bay and while Mandy is at her course, I could stay in the hotel but instead I'm going out for a 3 hour run along the coast. I'll take my camera, stop and get photos and just explore somewhere new. 

I find running is one of the best ways to explore somewhere. I have to admit though that when I went for a run in London I did get lost but I found some great sights.

I don't need to put a bike on the car roof. I don't need much extra to pack, just my trainers, some shorts and a tshirt.

Would I want to run as a career, honestly I don't think I would. I used to be an instructor and teach tractionkiting on west sands beach in St Andrews, I did this most weekends and in the end I lost the enjoyment of the sport I used to love. Running as my main income would put stress in to the equation which is counter productive, running for me is a stress release from my day job.

Pull on the trainers and take photos while running, there is nothing better in my mind.


Owain Williams

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