Enjoying my running

I've found a new enjoyment with my running. It's not racing, it's not training, it's making short films of my adventures. 

I've been on instagram for years and I've always had an interest in snapping a photo here and there but video gives me a new medium to play with. 

I used to make short videos when I was a tractionkiting instructor but now I have a small action camera which shoots in HD I can try new stuff. 

My latest video was taken while running on the trails on the outskirts of Dundee. 

I'm slowly trying to do different things with my videos, try different angles, find new ways to keep the camera steady while running. Each video I learn something new.

When out running though I'm constantly looking to see what might be a good clip. Is there a puddle I can splash in? A reflection somewhere that might look good. This adds to the enjoyment of the run itself. I find I see more of the scenery this way as well since I am looking around more.

It's not about how many people view the video either. I just enjoy searching for the soundtrack, sticking all the clips together in some sort of order and trying different things with the software. 

It doesn't mean I'll be taking less photos for instagram, it's just another aspect of running that I'm enjoying just now. I'm not losing my focus for races, I've had some great races recently but I'm just mixing things up a bit. 

I was asked on twitter if I had considered getting a drone for aerial footage. I have thought about it but it's not cheap and I don't think they have small enough, cheap enough drones yet that I would happily carry in my rucksack while out exploring. 

A friend of mine, Michael Tweedley posted an amazing video of him running up Ben Nevis. I can dream to make a video as amazing as this. 

I've a couple of other video ideas I do want to try though. I fancy spending a couple of hours in the Pentlands one weekend, but I want really good conditions. I might be waiting a while for that!


Owain Williams

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