Festival fun

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

After a 65 mile week last week, the weekend arrived and I have to admit. I put my feet up...sort of. 

The trainers were put in to the cupboard and I spent the weekend out in Edinburgh enjoying the Edinburgh Festival. We saw 4 brilliant shows and visited a couple of pubs and restaurants as well.

Monday arrived and I needed to get back in to it so for the next 3 days I was running 10+ miles each day. My legs were tired on Wednesday but still got the run in. 

Yesterday was meant to be the usual 5, 4, 3, 2 marathon pace session but due to something coming up, I had to be home for 5pm and just couldn't fit it in. Today is another day off so the week has been really low on the mileage, just over 30 miles which is about half the amount I am supposed to be doing. 

Next week, well, tomorrow since my training weeks start on a Saturday, I am back on the training wagon. 

Tomorrow is 4 miles, Sunday 20, Monday 4, Tuesday 9 (Saughton track session), Wednesday 13, Thursday marathon pace 5,4,3,2,1 which will come in about 17 miles then Friday rest. Should finish the week with 67 miles under my belt!

Training, apart from this week, has been on target. Since I started training for Amsterdam  on the 29th July, I've hit all my weekly miles so to have this one week isn't something I am going to worry about. I've still plenty more weeks to get the miles in and as a few people said to me - Mrs Williams, @lcdunn and @HowNoBoab, there is no point trying to cram in miles just for the sake of it and then getting injured. 

As for the blog, as always, I would love to blog every week about training but to be honest, I'm just going out, putting in the miles and there is nothing much to report. 

I'm not racing at weekends just now because I am wanting to get my long runs in. I haven't been to a parkrun in ages because two early morning starts on a weekend just aren't going to happen! 

I haven't been reading much running stuff online so I don't have an interesting thoughts to share with you all. 

Boring isn't it! 

Until next time......safe running. 

Owain Williams

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