First race on a track

Coach wanted to see what I can do just now, one mile on the track, nothing more, nothing less. There was a local meet at Pitreavie AAC and there just so happened to be a one mile race scheduled. Here was my chance to see what I could do.

I went for a warm up about 20mins before the race and then waited, waited a bit more and by the time the race was called to start, I had cooled down again! Not great but no excuses. On your marks, and then bang! off went the gun. I started off well but I was tense, nervous and not running fluid. It was strange running round a track where people can see every move you make, every stride and every breath you make! Round and round, watching. I was quite comfortably in last place with no hope of catching my club mate which is probably the fastest road runner the club has and he was even trailing from the front runners - these guys were quick!

I finished in 5:24.09 which isnt too bad! I expected worse and that is after a tough session on Thursday. 12 x 400m with 100m recovery between each rep.

After the race I ran back home (18miles) and it hurt! It was really windy over the Forth Road Bridge, the pace wasn't too bad considering but the last 2 miles of the run home were the worst, I think I was dehydrated more than anything.

Will have a rest day tomorrow, apart from BodyPump class, and then get to club on Tuesday.

Owain Williams

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