Forth Road Bridge 10k

In short, never trust technology!

For the past couple of months I have been planning and organising the Forth Road Bridge 10km with other members of Pitreavie AAC. This is the 11th year for the race and the second year that I have been helping to organise it. Last year I was deputy Race Director, this year the FRB10k was my baby. My responsibility to get it off the ground and running!

A race of this size never goes without a small hick-up and this year was no different. The first issue was our supplier for 800 bottles of water decided to tell me 2 days before the race that there may be an issue getting the water for me! This didn't go down well considering they had given me assurance that the delivery would be with me on the Saturday. Needless to say, after many phone calls, 800 bottles of water arrived with the supplier and I was able to collect it on the Saturday afternoon. First hurdle cleared.

After the entries had been opened, it was suggested that we look in to chip timing the race. The simple reason for this is to reduce the amount of admin required after the race. We usually take manual records of each runner and the time they cross the line which does mean people are hanging about after the race for quiet some time. After discussions with a company it was agreed we would chip the race, this then caused an issue as runners had been given instructions that race numbers would be posted out to them. This now wasn't going to happen so I had to email everyone with new details, as with most emails, some went in to spam folders and others didn't get them at all! Lesson learned - decide what you're doing from the start and don't change it once instructions have been given!

Say this, I think the registration process went well on the morning of the race and I would like to thank the team for their organisational skills, they did a great job from what I could see.

Now that the runners had arrived, all had been given their race number and chip it was time to start the race. GO! And everyone was gone.

32 minutes and 27 seconds later, the first runner had crossed the line!

1 hour 16 minutes later, the last runner had crossed the line and it was time to collect the results...but wait..the first two runners were missing from the results!! Alarm bells started to ring, if we have missed the first two, who else is missing?

In the end 66 runners were missed from the chip timing system. Luckily we had decided to take a manual record of all the runners and finish times anyway, just in case but it did take us several hours to manually input the data in to our own spreadsheets!

Apart from these small problems the feedback I have had from runners is that the race went well, which is great to hear and believe it or not, things have started already for next year's race!

What else has been happening since my last blog?

Well, I have been running. Getting my miles back up again and trying to get faster. I have entered a number of races and looking to get quiet a few half marathons in before the end of the year. I would really like to get a seasons best if not a personal best by the end of the year.
I've been looking at specific sessions such as yesterday, at lunch time I was doing some hill work on Corstorphine hill. 6 x 1 minute up the hill with 5 minutes complete recovery back to the bottom. The first effort was fine but I think the hill may be too steep for a good, productive session. I may look at a less steep hill so that I can work on pace and form rather than almost slowing to a walk just to get up some sections! The path is really narrow as well so on 2 of my reps I had to stop to let dog walkers and cyclists past. Not great.

I'm still trying to get 10 miles a day in including the 16.5 mile Sunday run at Harrison Park. I've not been to a Sunday session in a while but I did head out last Wednesday with some of the guys add got around the route.

Today was more productive than yesterday, 3 minute efforts with 3 minute recover. The plan is to get the recoveries shorter each week by 30 seconds.

I've also started to use Endomondo which should allow me to keep the website up to date with my training a bit easier, it does mean I will need to upload my Garmin twice each time, once to Garmin and once to Endomondo but I will see how that goes.

I'm going to replace the gallery section of this site and rename it training or something like that anyway.


Owain Williams

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