Fresher than I should be

The day after a longer than normal long run day is usually tough. I'm usually stiff legged, a bit sluggish and it's a slow plod. All day I've been tired but I think that is due to being quiet busy today and I knew I had to still fit in an eight mile run. To say I almost bailed out of it would be putting it lightly.

The only reason I didn't bail out of it was because Mandy was heading to the gym and so I thought I better do something. 

I borrowed Mandy's AfterShokz headphones and just enjoyed running to the music. As soon as I started running I felt really fresh, really awake and I just relaxed in to a comfortable rhythm. I headed out on to the cycle path and then headed around 'the loop', I have lost count how many times I've ran around this part of the path but it's traffic free and I can just concentrate on running, loop after loop, and I'm only ever half a mile away from the flat. 

With that in mind, 5 laps was the plan and they flew by! 


I was even more surprised when I looked at my pace for the miles once I got home, it actually turned in to an unplanned progression run. 

  1. 7:49
  2. 7:22
  3. 7:16
  4. 7:15
  5. 7:03
  6. 7:02
  7. 6:55
  8. 6:54

Considering yesterday was a 20 mile run, I didn't expect to get anywhere near the 7:20 let along 6:54! No doubt I'll feel it tomorrow morning for my easy 6 miles before work or worst still, on Tuesday at track! 



Owain Williams

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