Get it over and done with

All day today I've known I needed to get a run in but I just couldn't find the energy to pull on my kit and go. In other words, I couldnae be arsed!

The plan was to go out in the daylight but before I knew it I looked outside and it was pitch black. I had a think about a couple of routes but ended up just going out and back along the cycle path. I'm so lucky to have the cycle path within half a mile of the flat, even if it does get a bit repetitive at times. 

I went out with the plan of doing an easy 8 mile run, but the first mile popped up on my watch as 6:46min/mi so I thought to myself, lets get this over and done with and make it a tempo session. I always know that if the first mile is fast like that and that's from a cold start then I'm in a good place to go for a tempo run.

The route is just over 4 miles uphill so I focused on keeping the pace as close to 6 minutes per mile as I could and then on the way home see if I could keep the miles in the 5:50 per mile range. 

8 mile route

I hate doing out and back routes where I have to physically stop and turn around. To make sure that I didn't need to do this, I run a bit further up the path until there is a small loop that I can run around. Sad I know but I find it helps keep the legs moving and the pace up. 

I focused on staying relaxed, if my breathing got laboured I just relaxed my shoulders, slowed my breathing down and kept the legs ticking over. 

It worked, my pace for the first 4 miles up to the turning point was

  1. 6:46
  2. 6:03
  3. 6:05
  4. 6:04

Really happy with the mile splits, within a couple of seconds of each other, if you discount the first mile.

Then after the turn the splits went to plan as well

  1. 5:59
  2. 5:59
  3. 5:55
  4. 5:49

and the last 0.40 was 5:53 (with a road crossing!)

Happy with all of that and pleased I went out in the end. Sometimes you just need to get the trainers on and see what happens. I've felt this last week my running has been going well. I've felt the benefits of eating properly thanks to Sally at Fitnaturally who has been putting together a bespoke nutrition / eating plan for me for the past 3 weeks. Fuelling my body properly is working and I'm not even missing my danish pastries on a Saturday morning, well, not too much anyway.


On twitter I posted earlier today asking for people to give me questions they would like me to answer of the next couple of blogs, I've had a couple of suggestions already and if you have a question, please leave a comment below or contact me via twitter - @scottishrunner

Tomorrow's blog will probably be about the 10k race that I'm running with Mandy tomorrow so check back tomorrow evening for an update. 

Owain Williams

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