Getting the balance

Some days you need to pick whether you run or don't but other days you try and get a balance between getting the miles in and day to day life.

Today was one of those days that I tried to balance everything. I needed to collect a parcel from the Royal Mail sorting office, I needed to go to get a sports massage after work and I wanted to get 11 or 12 miles done. The only way I could do that was to run to the sorting office which is just close enough to get there and back before I needed to get ready for work. 7 miles done to kick off the day but it wasn't the most relaxing way to start the day. The route wasn't as flat as I had imagined and my legs were still tired from Tuesday's track session. I did however get home, showered, have breakfast and get ready for work in time, just!

Today was also like Christmas had come a bit earlier than planned. A kit drop from ashmei. They have recently launched the new autumn / winter range and this was my chance to get my hands on some of the new kit. This evening's I pulled on some of my new running kit as I couldn't wait to try it on. 

To make sure I could get my miles in this evening I ran from work to get my massage and then had a slow plod home. Another 4 miles done for the day. Perfect!

The run from my office to Dundas street where I go to get my sports massage was only 2 miles but it was uphill and it felt like everyone was walking towards me! It was quicker than getting the bus though and then I had another 2 miles from Dundas street home. 

Days like this are tough going but it's the only way to fit everything in and I'd rather do this than miss out on miles. 

As you can probably tell as well, this blog is even a rush tonight, trying to get it online before tomorrow arrives! 

Tomorrow will be another balancing act though, Mandy and I are heading down to Newcastle for the night as Mandy has a Chi Running course to attend on Saturday morning. I plan on doing a long run along the coast which I'm really looking forward to. Something a bit different and I'll no doubt put some photos on instagram of me in my new kit while I'm there. 

So just remember, no matter how busy your life is, you can always find ways of getting the miles in, it just takes a bit of planning sometimes. 


Owain Williams

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