Good training, good times!

My training has been coming along pretty well recently. Been running every day for the last couple of weeks, some days longer than others, some days twice but the key has been getting out and running.

My times at parkrun are starting to come down again and my run at Harrison park at the weekend was also a new best for me. I dug in when the hill at 5 miles loomed and as soon as I reached the top I tried to get the legs moving again as quickly as possible. I just wanted to get rid of the lactic which had built up and it seemed to work. I didn't manage to catch the guys but it's a step in the right direction.

Yesterday I went for an easy recovery run at lunch time, that was the plan anyway! It ended up being a perfectly paced progression run! 8:07, 7:17, 6:56, 6:56, 6:53, 6:45. The first mile was slower than I had hoped but then again, maybe a slower mile to start is what I needed just to warm up a bit. The pace felt pretty easy the entire time, the only thing that was getting to me was the heat. It was a really warm run along the union canal.

I'm not sure what I am going to manage today, I have a couple of meetings which may prevent a lunch time run so I may just wait for the club monthly handicap race tonight. 5 miles around an undulating course in Dunfermline. If this is the plan then I may go and do a mile warm up followed by a mile cool down just to get my miles up to around the 7 marker.

This week I'm backing off a bit on my training, still running every day but I have the Moray Half Marathon on Sunday and I would like to get a sessions best if possible! I believe my training has been good enough to manage it but I don't want to go with tired legs.

I've also to decide whether I will wear my lightweight racing shoes (New Balance 890v3's) or go for a bit more support and wear my trusty Saucony Guide 5's. I'll probably pack both pairs and then decided on the morning.

Mrs Scottishrunner is also racing at the weekend, she will be doing the 10km race. We are heading up on the Friday and making a long weekend of it since the original plan was I would be racing the marathon so wanted plenty time to relax before it. Since I'm just doing the half now we can properly enjoy our visit to Elgin. Any recommendations for places to eat are welcome!

Owain Williams

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