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Starting today's blog off by saying a massive thanks to Compression Advisory (VR compression, @VR_legwear). As regular readers will know, I have been trying out compression sleeves during my training and also while racing. After a week of wearing my sleeves I noticed a hole in one of them near the top hem, I dropped a message to Compression Advisory via twitter and after a short conversation and a photo of the issue I was told to send back the 'broken' sleeve and they would send out a replacement free of charge. Brilliant! I thought but what I was even more shocked by was the following day the replacement sleeve was on my desk at work. 

I only contacted them at 2pm the previous day! That is good customer service!

I have returned the sleeve with the hole in it and it was believed to be a manufacturing fault.

VR are happy to replace any garment where the manufacturer is at fault.



Grangemouth 10k

I went, I ran, I got a new PB. That's Grangemouth in a nutshell! The actual race report doesn't need to be much longer than that to be honest. The route was slightly different to previous years with a couple of extra twists in it so it was just a case of going out and seeing how I faired. 
I wore my watch but I didn't look at it once and just ran to how I was feeling and I can honestly say, I couldn't have ran it any harder. At one point, about 6km in I thought I was going to be sick there and then! I think the head wind had something to do with that. It was brutal at times. 

Since Grangemouth training has been consistant but I've been missing some of the speed sessions on the track and at the Meadows due to getting our flat on the market. People seem to want and view the flat on a Tuesday or a Thursday evening! Don't they know that is training nights! 

My long runs at the weekend are getting easier and slightly longer, this weekend will be the peak of the training mountain with an approx 24.5 mile run on Saturday. Usually the long run is on a Sunday but due to volunteering at the BUPA Great run 10 mile race on Sunday, I've moved my long run about. Looking forward to it as it will also be a change of scenery as the team plan on heading out towards the Forth Road Bridge to do a 16 mile loop and then I'll make up the rest of the distance by running home via Cramond. 


Owain Williams

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