Higher mileage = Happy Runner

Last week was the second week of the higher mileage and I am still really enjoying it. This routine is working for me, it's simple to follow and I can see improvements already. 

Last weeks mileage totaled at 74.88 miles which is the highest mileage I have done in quite some time, dare I say it, maybe ever! 

So far it's been 15 days of running and I've had very few issues. Got some minor blisters on my toes but nothing painful, just warmer weather I think. Those blisters are also starting to harden so all is good. 

Headed up to Harrison Park again yesterday and I am pleased to say that I beat 'heartbreak hill' at the 5 mile point. It wasn't fast but I got to the stop without walking and continued on after that. Even started to catch some of the group up but unfortunately I got a stitch with about 4 miles to go, a bit annoying but I think it may be due to my breakfast. Each time I've had a stitch recently I've had my 'usual' weetabix with banana but I'm wondering if the milk is causing me some problems. I did have white marks around my mouth as I was running on the home straight, not pleasant! 

There have been comments on my previous blog about whether I should be running hard on a Sunday and I would say, just now, yes. I'm not doing specific speed training and I think personally I need to get used to pushing the pace when I am feeling tired. I tend to struggle during the last 6 miles of a marathon and I hope that this will help train my mind to accept I'm not giving up. 

Sunday isn't an easy run but that is due to my current fitness. Heading out for the first 4 miles I am breathing out my bum while everyone else in the HP squad are having a good chinwag amongst themselves. I hope that with time and consistency in my training that I will be able to 'cruise' at sub 7 min/mi pace and that will then have a knock on effect on my race pace. 

In 13 days time I will be getting married but I have already considered whether I can fit in an HP run before the wedding! Then I go on honeymoon and I will be taking my running kit with me but I think it may be a case of running on the treadmill rather than the deck of the cruise ship - I think it might be too hot outside to get any sort of distance up - although I would like to get a Garmin track on the boat just to show that I was running while the boat was cruising!

So, what's the plan for this week - more of the same. 

Today I did an easy 10k at lunch time

and then I ran home tonight which was 6.5miles, I have to admit I was pushing it along the canal and then down the Royal Mile. At one point I was racing a car, much to the amusement of the kids in the back seat. Eventually I think the driver had had enough of me and he put the foot down and left me for dust. Average pace for tonight's run home was 6:34.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, got a couple of meetings that are too close to lunch time to allow me to get out and back in time so I may run in to work and then see about an evening run to get the miles up to the 10. We will see how tomorrow pans out. 

Keep the comments coming, I find them really interesting and I will try and publish them quicker in future - sorry for the 3 day delay on the previous post. 

Owain Williams

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