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With Edinburgh marathon now well behind me I've started my new training schedule for Amsterdam marathon. No rest for the wicked!

It's a more structured approach and it's changed since my last blog, simply because I've had a chat with my coach and he has put a different spin on it. 

The weekly miles will look like this:

35, 42, 46, 54, 56, 57, 59, 64, 65, 67, 70, 70, 72, 74,  and then taper, 59, 46, 37, 30.

For the purpose of my training plan, a week is Saturday to Friday so the final 30 mile week is actually the race plus 4 miles to start the recovery phase. 

If I can manage the higher miles without getting injured and not being ill then I think I have a good chance at having a great race at Amsterdam. 

A usual week will look like this:

  • Saturday: 4 easy miles
  • Sunday: Long run, with the longest being 26 miles, this will be the first time I've ran this amount in training, I usually stop at 23 or 24 but I think this will be good to get me out running for more than 3 hours, give me more endurance for the day.
  • Monday: 4 easy miles
  • Tuesday: Track session, probably with a total of between 9 and 11 miles after warm up and cool down.
  • Wednesday: 13 easy miles
  • Thursday: The tough session! Marathon pace (MP) runs. The session will eventually be 5 miles at MP, 5 minutes easy running, 4 miles MP, 4 minutes easy running, 3&3, 2&2, 1. Done! This week is just 4 miles MP with a mile warm up and cool down.
  • Friday: REST

I'm still trying to work out what MP will be though, maybe 6:40 per mile or a couple of seconds faster.

Anyone else running Amsterdam? 

I will be heading over with Mandy and a couple of others from JogScotland and Pitreavie AAC. The nice thing about Amsterdam is that they host a couple of other races during the same weekend. Mandy is racing the 8 km, a couple of friends are running the half marathon while a couple of others are running the full. It should be a great weekend away. 


Owain Williams

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